June 15, 2011

June Bloom Day

Whatwhatwhat, already!

The afternoon has burst furiously out of its chocks and is hurtling towards the finishing tape. I still have a million things to do, so this month it is pictures of the things I am loving in the garden. There is quite a lot I am not loving too, but I won't share all that with you because, well, photos of weeds and dodgy edging and uncalled for amounts of fennel thrusting skyward uninvited doesn't make great blogreading.

So, lovely to me are:

poppies of all sorts, tall enough to look me in the eye, and looking especially pretty growing through white ammi majus or nigella,

The last of the white nigella flowers and the thousands of seedheads, green then striped with purple and maroon,

the purple and lime green combinations,

the arrival of the deamy scented roses, the scabious flowers in white and soft purple, the waving spears of the veronicas and the airey branching stems of knautia macedonica,

the sky blues of the cranesbills and anchusa (Royalist Lodden),

and the gorgeously perfumed rose, 'rambling rector' which despite sounding like a nasty digestive ailment, is infact the prettiest thing imaginable and a variety we grow along a fence, but in our garden it is still in bud, it is in flower on our neighbour's wall, wafting its scent over the courtyard,

There is so much more to share, but there is an eight year old at my side desperate for fielding practice in the garden, and really, what is the garden for more, to blog about or play in with my boy? No brainer is it? So I wave  you 'so long' for the afternoon, and leave you with a photo taken recently that seems to sum up the spirit of Wild Acre to me. (If only I could photoshop out the blue alarm box on the barn wall!) Laters alligators.

Thanks, as always, to Carol for hosting Garden bloggers' Bloom Day.


  1. Hi Belinda,

    You have so many pretty flowers in your garden! Your house must be filled with all sorts of bouquets! I think I just could not stop picking. It all looks so beautiful.

    Have a lovely evening.


  2. The nigella seed heads are wonderful. Love the combo of lime and blue and the raggedy poppies are gorgeous. Hope you had a great morning playing with your boy!
    Katie x

  3. Oh, Belinda, it all looks so, so beautiful. Just gorgeous and summery and lovely. I'm so full of admiration and can't work out why I still like you so much. ;-)


  4. What a glorious garden! How could you possibly choose a favourite? Have also meant to comment on your lovely earrings - absolutely fabulous. x

  5. Nigella, alchemilla and scabious. Love 'em. Wish they grew more happily in my little garden. I hadn't noticed the alarm box til you pointed it out...! Ax

  6. Love the unfurling poppy and the pictures of your gorgeous garden flowers....the last one with the barn, sea of nigella and beautiful blue sky is a great shot.
    Julie x

  7. You photos are so magical and beautiful.

  8. So pretty, Belinda. Thanks for sharing. I just want to take home every poppy in your field!

  9. I agree completely that your photos are very beautiful and inspiring... love them all, but the hardy geraniums are especially nice! Larry

  10. Beautiful photos Belinda, your garden and the planting are lovely x

  11. Such a beautiful setting for fielding practice with your son... just keep an eye on where that ball is heading:)
    Abby x

  12. Here I am, last but not speechless.

    How beautiful everything is Belinda. And those red poppy pictures. Hot stuff.

    the blues and lime green combo make me want to repaint or rush into work and make an arrangement...with your flowers and your flowers only.

    xo Jane

  13. beautiful, the poppies combined with the ammi majus is a perfect combination...just stunning!

  14. What a splendid post...the flowers are gorgeous...wonderful selection and such lovely colours...your photographs are so artistic and beautifully composed!

  15. What a riot of colour Belinda. I love Scabious, but what an unfortunate name. I love the lime green and purple combinations, and those Poppies are incredible. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  16. Such lovely photos especially adore the poppies. And the colour combo of the alchemilla mollis(sp?) with the blue salvia - stunning! And gorgeous new pieces in your jewellery collection from your previous post - such a talent. xx.

  17. Hi Belinda - I'm just catching up and wanted to pop in and say 'thank you' :0)

    ....and 'oh my' you've really captured some beauties there.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  18. So reminds me of the old English cottage gardens stunning photos.Ida

  19. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. At this busiest time of the year, it is all too easy just to see the jobs that need doing in the garden and not appreciate the plants, so these posts are a great way for me to step back and appreciate what is doing well!xx

  20. Gorgeous photos. I have poppies coming out of my ears too! They would take over here if I let them but they are so glorious I tend to give them their head. Love your nigella too!