June 30, 2011

my creative space

Since I was making a pair of earrings for a customer today, I thought I would link up with the 'our creative space' group which happens every thursday here.

My jewellery bench is in our living room, hidden behind a screen made by my lovely mum!

As you can see it is a lovely airy room with lots of light and height and with many windows and a big door into the garden, good ventilation which is important when I am doing soldering jobs. When I get bigger bits of machinery for cleaning and polishing I may outgrow my cosy corner, so I am enjoying while I can!

Behind the screen, is my bench,

and this morning the labradorite beads, silver wire, silver crimps and tools I need to make the earrings.

Choosing the stones and wires, threading, crimping, shaping and forming, sanding and polishing. Packaging and sending. All made with love!

With a cup of tea and the radio, I struggle to imagine a job I would rather be doing!


  1. Hi Belinda,

    What a beautiful and light living room you have. It sounds ideal to have your workspace there. Love your earrings!

    Have a lovely summer holiday!

    Madelief x

  2. Oh my! I ordered some of these for my daughter yesterday - could these be the very ones?!
    Lovely room, by the way - and great that it has enough space for your work bench.

  3. Oh I love seeing people's creative spaces ~ and yours, along with your beautiful home ~ is simply wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Such lovely earrings and packaging too! Just beautiful! Love Brenda

  4. Who would have thought all that activity goes on behind that pretty toile screen. Your home is really fabulous, you are a lucky girl to be able to live and work in such a place, but you are 'worth it' I know! Lots of love to you, Linda x

  5. Pretty work space! And your packaging is almost as nice as your earrings!

  6. Gorgeous earrings and a beautiful room. I would love to have a room with so much natural light.

  7. Beautiful earrings, beautiful space. Love all the beams - working from home must indeed be a joy in those surroundings. M x

  8. Hi from Australia
    I found your lovely blog on one of my favorite Welsh blogs.
    I look forward to following your blog.
    You have a gorgeous home.

  9. I love these insights into your life.

    You have made yourself a beautiful home and now you pass along the beauty through your blog and your flowers and now your jewelry.

    Well done.

    xoxo jane

  10. Your living room is so spacious and I love the dark wood and whites...
    Belinda you have many talents...
    decorating, gardening, flower arranging and silversmithing.

    The earrings are gorgeous.

  11. Hello Belinda:
    What a most attractive and beautifully furnished room and we particularly like the way in which the door opens directly into the garden. How lovely for summer days.

    And, what a splendid idea to conceal your little workspace behind the screen where it is completely hidden and yet at the heart of the house.

  12. Oh my! What a stunning living room! You have wonderful taste!

  13. Beautiful living room. You'd never know your working space was there.

  14. What a beautiful home you have Belinda and your workspace just fits in perfectely x

  15. I'm gonna just come and move you out and take it all over - the flower gardens and the house, too. It's wonderful! I had to look three times before I could even find the screen! happy weekend.

  16. This room looks like it belongs to an interior decoration magazine, really. You have detailed it so perfectly!
    I remember, that you have small children, but how do you manage to keep everything in such a clean, good order?
    For just the similar reason ( though in my case now the dogs ), I have simplified my " possessions, set-ups " to the minimum.
    The screen is a brilliant idea!!

  17. I love seeing picturs of your home - it is just gorgeous.

    Nina x

    ps. I am totally with you on vaseline for skin conditions.

    Our smallest had severe dermititis when she was little and by pure accident - another old wives tale - we discovered the magic wonders of it.

    Her skin would calm down instantly before our eyes once applied on top of her skin cream (it seals the moisture in) - much to her relief and ours.

    Have a lovely day, N x

  18. A beautiful home, your workstation is so discreetly hidden it took me two scrolls to find it!

  19. Your home is so beautiful it's small wonder you are so inspired to create the lovely things you do!

  20. Thank you all for your lovely comments! Special welcome to new visitors and followers, and yes, 'blue hands', these earrings are destined for your daughter! xx

  21. You have a wonderful living room and your working place seems perfectly arranged.
    On top on that I can see it's possible to use a mini-torch in small place. That's a good news for as I am thinking whether to buy it or not...

    Have a nice weekend!

  22. did you find any brambles? i think they would look heavenly in silver, do it do it xx

  23. stop struggling now belinda. there is no better place for you. your home is beyond gorgeous. you need to be in a magazine. how on earth do you get any work done?


  24. Love your barn so much the white sofas look super against the beams & the screen your mother made is divine. Ida

  25. Ooooooo - thanks for showing us round your sitting room. What a lovely bright room and I love the structure of the beams - strong and solid but the furniture softens it all. Another chic room, Belinda.
    Katie x