June 14, 2011

New jewellery in the Wild Acre shop

Just wanted you guys to be the first to know that some new precious metal and gemstone yumminess has gone into the shop this week, and more to come over the next few weeks. These earrings have just arrived:

Brushed finish sterling silver and 9ct gold discs on silver wires. There will be a necklace and bracelet to come as part of a 'double disc' collection.

Softest grey hued beads of sparkling facetted labradorite on hand-shaped sterling silver wires. I wear a lot of grey and white so I especially love these!

Not a brilliant photo, but these are gloriously deep brown smokey quartz, with a really lovely clear sparkle, on sterling silver arcs.

I have a real thing for the subtle green shades of tourmalines, and my Hatton Garden supplier of these has run out! EEK! I have enough for only another couple of pairs, so you might need to be quick off the mark if you want these! Part of the 'Soft Rock' collection.

Silver sparkles on small hoops, to me a classic day/evening crossover piece. One less decision to make in a day! Whoop! Ditto below.

Hatton Garden, the jewellery quarter of London, is a fascinating place - a hub of diamond and bullion dealers, jewellers, suppliers to the trade, tool merchants and craftsmen/women, all crammed in a network of streets which also offer a host of interesting buildings, alleyways, ancient streetnames and great London pubs. It is the one of the oldest and largest working jewellery quarters in Europe and an inspiring place for me. For more about its history, see here.

Just a few pics I took there recently to give you a flavour but you have to imagine the wheelers and dealers, diamond merchants, the windowfronts full of jewellery, the Hasidic Jews in their wonderful coats and hats and the grimy alleyways and historic street names like Leather Lane, Hosier Lane, Saffron Hill...

The jewellery trade snakes its way north to Clerkenwell where there are more workshops and suppliers but also other artists' studios, glorious 18th Century Hawksmoor churches, lovely delis and even an ancient Templar castle - quite an intoxicating mix! And in the air the sense of interesting things being bought and sold and crafted. Below, Clerkenwell Green.

Remains of the Knights Templar castle, apparantly with a wonderful new museum which I intend dragging  taking the kids to. Histories, some dramatic, some bloody, some simply shards of everyday existence, seem to be insistently rising out of the roads and pavements around here.

I grew up in London, but was a west-end girl. I am discovering that it is now the east-end that draws me. More to come ...


  1. We went on a guided walk thru Clerkenwell. Utterly fascinating. Postman's Hill was fascinating, one day, we'll have time to linger at the tiles.

  2. Do you know I can't wear earrings? Grrrr.

    Bracelets? Maybe? In the future?

    Everything is so simple and chic.

    xo jane

  3. I am loving those silver and gold disc earrings...
    off now to look in your shop! Abby x

  4. Hatton Garden sounds fantastic, I can feel the atmosphere from here - though I am getting a whiff of sinister too, dealings down the alleyways! I'll stick to quarries!

  5. Hmmm, I may have to come visit. You're quickly talking me into piercing my ears again. They've haven't had holes since I was eight.

  6. Beautiful! Alas I, like Jane, can't wear earrings :(.

    Hatton Garden seems so fascinating! I'm going to be the obvious American and say those shops look like something out of the Harry Potter books, maybe where you'd buy your wand. : ).

  7. Almost makes me wish I had pierced ears seeing your beautiful ear rings. Ida

  8. Elephant's Eye, that tour sounds great, I will check it out.

    Jane, bracelets are in the pipeline!

    Abby, I wear my pair all the time, enjoy your peruse!

    Jennifer, there is a touch of dark in the atmosphere there, but I quite like it!

    A in B, so many people don't have pierced ears, I am realising!

    Jaime, we'll go wand-hunting in the East End if you ever come to London!

    Ida, thank you!