June 23, 2011

Room with a view

My lovely friend Sarah, over at Modern Country Style has a kitchen party going on today. You know the score - hang out where the food is, discuss what we love in our kitchens, or would love to have in our kitchens kind of affair.

You can imagine with four constantly hungry kids, I spend a lot of time in our kitchen. It is north facing and not very big, so perhaps not a space full of potential for kitchen dreaminess. And, at this point in our lives, I have had to put function (ie maximising surface and storage space) top of the list. So instead of my little fantasy of a completely rural kitchen vibe, full of mismatched free standing pieces full of history and charm, kind of like this,

credit: Country Living Magazine

we have gone for plain cream painted units and a limestone floor to maximise light, teamed with grey stone tiles and mottled black granite (that Parisian cream, grey, black combo I have mentioned before) for contrast. All with space to store and cook in mind.

I love the solidity of the painted wooden units, the simple calm colour palette and a table designed with a carpenter to enable all of us to eat our meals together. This is what it is all about to me, a kitchen table to eat around, have toast and homework sessions on, and to laugh, cry and put the world to rights around. It and the fireplace in our sitting room are the two twin centres of our world!

These pics were taken last autumn, not styled at all, but nothing has changed (bar early summer flowers in the jug!).

We don't have open shelves in the kitchen, but old hefty beams which act as cooking book shelves, and a simple display area above the table.

But I think what really makes this kitchen special are the double doors, that open out onto the raised beds in the kitchen garden. And the view. That view. It has seeped into the very recesses of my mind, I have gazed at it as I cook, chat, calm restless babies, help out with school projects, and oftentimes dream my dreams for the future. The outside finishes the inside in this room. If there is such a thing as my patch of the world, this is it. xx


  1. I absolutely LOVE sneak peeks into your home, Belinda. I've been so looking forward to seeing your kitchen - and the feel of it is just as I'd envisaged. Gorgeous, family-friendly and sociable.

    I know JUST what you mean about the view outside the back door. I feel like that about ours too!!

    Thank you VERY much for joining in the Kitchen Favourites party. I'm THRILLED you joined in.

    look at me and all my excited CAPITALS!!


  2. Thank you for showing us round your kitchen, I love to see other homes. I particularly like the shape of your table and the cool palette of colours you have chosen, it's tres chic!
    K x

  3. Your kitchen is lovely and who wouldn't love that view, it would make any kitchen chore a delight...thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Thank you for sharing, a great family space. Our kitchen table too has seen lots of homework/discussions over meals with family and friends action. I saw a good post on Cup Of Jo (I think) called what your table has seen...

  5. I love the double glass doors that allow more light to come in. And what a view.... stunning!
    Abby xx

  6. And a lovely kitchen it is, too - I am lucky enough to be able to vouch for that! Jan x

  7. Now I'm really coming over, what a fabulous kitchen to hang out in, cooking and talking, laughing, arranging flowers.

    And that table is fantastic, I always want one that starts in the kitchen and wends it's way into the dining room ( which trust me is a very small space to fill).

    Yours is just perfect.

    What an effortlessly creative person you are.

    xo jane

  8. Fabulous kitchen Belinda....it looks like a well laid out cooks kitchen, with everything to hand.
    And what a lovely view...I wouldn't get anything done...
    Julie x

  9. What a wonderful kitchen! and the view! I am particularly appreciative of your showing the colors. Am in the middle of redoing ours and have had a lot of qualms about color. We have similar white cabinets and replaced our dark green counters with black. have dithered about painting gray, and now I see how good that looks. have actually picked something a bit different (a secret until it is done and I can write about it...) you've made me feel much better about my choice. thanks.

  10. Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us! Love Brenda

  11. Functional and beautiful.and really tidy. I love my earrings, Belinda! Just so you know.

  12. It looks lovely and very serene.
    It looks like it will never date either which is great as kitchen renos are so costly.
    I am impressed with putting in those french doors with the view beyond.
    Those are very sweet bowls with the silver rims...lots of great things happening in your space!

  13. Your kitchen is beautiful and with that view-wow.

  14. Love getting a look around your home, and a peek into the garden! Gorgeous - every inch! I took pics of my pergola all dressed up this afternoon (with the 2 hour lull in the rain), and I hope you'll stop by and take a peak! :)

  15. What a beautiful kitchen and view, I don't think I would mind cooking and washing up if I had that to gaze at x

  16. Your kitchen is lovely! So big and airy and with a marvellous aspect. I would happily spend my time in there planning interesting meals. It really does look like an inspiring space :)

  17. Oh dear suffering from kitchen envy now and still reeling from garden envy at sue beesley's (see last post). Looks so calm and organised and clean and polished. Where are your piles of post waiting to be sorted and your sellotape andn old biros and screwdrivers and gardening gloves? We should be told.

  18. Your kitchen is close to one of my fantasy kitchens, and your barn is so beautiful. That view must bring peace to the unhappiest heart!

  19. Sarah, pleasure, thanks for the party!

    Katie, merci!

    Sherri, the view really helps!

    Lilacs, love the shared histories a kitchen table could tell!

    Julie, thanks, I do find myself gazing instead of getting stuff done...

    Jane, we'll have a cuppa around that table one day, I am sure of it!

    Webb, can't wait to see you reno!

    Abby, thanks, those doors really make the room I think.

    Jan, look forward to another cuppa next time you are 'out east' !

    Brenda, thank you!

    Sherri, so so glad they arrived and you are pleased with them!

    Hostess, thank you for your kind words, the bowls are Morrocan.

    S and Z, thank you!

    Niartist, thanks so much, will check out your pergola.

    Deb, thanks!

    Dee, it is a lovely space to cook in, thank you.

    Elizabeth, if you opened some of those unit doors....!!!

    Chookie, thank you so much and welcome to the Wild Acre blog.

  20. Your kitchen is lovely Belinda, and must be wonderful with the double doors open. You are very orderly, unlike my cluttered kitchen! Love Linda x