June 11, 2011

Summer fair time at Wild Acre

Jeepers, it has been quite a week. Today Wild Acre had a stall at my youngest's village school. It is quite an event for a local primary, the nearest our village gets to a summer fete really. Lots of stalls, competitions, food and drink, haybales and home-made cakes, that kind of do. Like last year, I said I would do a stall, flowers and jewellery, so this week I have been fairly hard at it at my jewellery bench, making the type of fun, less expensive pieces I thought folk might buy on a whim. Here's some of the pieces I came up with, all solid silver/gold with labradorite, smokey quartz or tourmalines. Some may make it into the Wild Acre shop on Bigcartel, which do you like best?

And then there were the flowers. Two hours of picking produced this,

which I made into these kind of arrangements from half six this morning, (with the help of copious cups of rose tea and cinnamon buns!).

Some in enamel jugs, others in mason jars or vintage glass bottles.

All together, in the sunshine on the school field, it looked like this,

Please excuse school chairs etc in pics, like to keep it realz!!

I learned lots of interesting things about selling to school mum shoppers; they go crazy for silverhoopswiththreesparkles earrings, they are not as passionate about early Edwardian pressed glass bottles as I am (???!!!why not???!!!), they would have liked more peonies and no, gourmet hotdog is not an oxymoron, it tasted bloomin' marvellous after about 4 hours at the Wild Acre stall!!

Well, that was my happy, exhausting day today, hope your weekend has got off to a good start, and hope to see a bit more of you all next week when, hopefully, I will have more blogging time. xx


  1. Oh! I want it all!

    It's a beautiful display, I would have had to stop myself running to your stall. WHY did the local mums not go crazy for the glass bottles?! They're gorgeous.

    Are you open for more sales? I would love a pot of lavender if you happen to have one left.

    Nicki xx

  2. Oooooh, everything turned out so beautiful!
    How on earth can they not have fought for the pressed glass bottles?! I would have scooped every last one up no matter the cost!
    Where do you find those? Possibly a source that would ship to the states?
    I adore the dark chain necklace with the green cut stones/glass(?)to.die.for

  3. Quite a week, you have had! Finishing everything must have taken hours and hours of hard work. But work, you enjoy.Everything is arranged in a pretty way. Oh, I wish I were there, would gladly have bought something made by you!

  4. beautiful beautiful - flowers & jewels
    I am trying to psych myself up for my own wee
    market stall ... we'll see

  5. Well, all I can say is, if I'd been there I'd be skint now!

  6. Hello Belida:
    All the fun of the fair!

    Your stall looks absolutely wonderful. Attractive,beautifully presented and full of interest. We are sure that everyone will have been enchanted by it all. And, such stylish jewellery. Simple designs and yet the delicate touch of the artisan. Perfect!

  7. Your stall looks totally delicious!! And I would of bought your Edwardian pressed glass bottles!!!!! ,... and everything else as well really...hope it was a good day xx

  8. Your Wild Acre stall looks fabulous and I love the bottles - I'm having the same busy days with my Open Studio, and feel happy but exhausted after talking so much about stone and sculpture!

  9. Love your earrings, particularly the 3 'pebble' pair and the silver/gold disc pair. I adore pressed glass and very surprised that your mums did not - how very strange! So glad to be catching up with your blog!
    Katie x

  10. As soon as I saw the hoops with the sparkles, I went "that's me", then read your last comment, ha, yes I'm a mum too!! But I love the pressed glass bottles as well, and all the delicious flowers. Getting me inspired for planting in my new garden this spring. Here in NZ it's winter and a bit gloomy so your bunches brighten up my day, thanks!

  11. All looks fabulous. You would have been trampled to bits if the mothers in out town saw all this.

    Indeed why not on the bottles? Don't they read blogs/ magazines and know how on the money you are?

    Next year you'll be on to something new and they'll be begging for bottles......

    xo Jane

  12. Such a lovely display - hope it was fun for you once it was all pulled together. Love the necklace with the green stones... and I am not usually a fan of green!

    The flowers a lovely ... as always!

  13. It looks so lovely Belinda...I would have chosen those dark crystal earrings on the rim of the cup...for a start....I usually buy gifts for others and tuck them away in advance. I hope to see these on the online shop soon!

    The bottles are so versatile, and with pretty flowers how could I refuse?

  14. oh it all looks amazing! the flowers are divine, and I love the bottles too. the pebbles earrings are my absolute fave! xxx

  15. Your school fairs are obviously a lot more upmarket than ours. Earings and flowers are fab. I would have bought the bottles too.

  16. It all looks beautiful. Who could resist a vintage glass bottle? I'll let you know how they go down at my village fair at the end of the month! Jam jars always seem to be a big hit at markets so I'm frantically collecting. Hope you sold out x
    By the way loving all the pieces with the smokey quartz.

  17. All just so beautiful ~ your gorgeous jewellery and the glorious flowers (in their sweet little bottles and jugs!). You've worked so hard, and hope you have a restful week ahead! Love Brenda

  18. Your flower stall looks gorgeous - love the green bottles! I really like the necklace too. Abby x

  19. Well done you, your stall looks wonderful. I too was rather drawn to the sparklies and the long dangley green ones. The flowers look fantastic. I am sure you must be tired today after all that work, glad it was such a success. Love Linda x

  20. I love your glass bottles!
    Oh, AND the jewellery and flowers of course! :) xx

  21. Belinda, I am blown away by the prettiness of your flowers, you have a gift for selecting and arranging. I love your bottles! My favourite earrings are the silver and gold discs, let me know when they are going up for sale please.

  22. Your stall looks totally beautiful. I love the first 3 sets of earrings and would have had to buy some. Love, love, love the bottles of flowers. I had a 'vintage and pretty' stall at my son's May Fair and the mum's just didn't 'get it'!

  23. Nikki, I do have one left, will keep it for you!

    Erin, I get mine from uk ebay, just search 'vintage glass bottles' - email me for more details if that would be useful.

    Mette, exactly how I see it, hard work but I love it! I would make you a very minimalistic one - your style!!

    Susan, keep me posted! My hubby kept having to remind me it was a school fair not a Country Living Fair at Earl's Court!

    Cupcakes, wish you had been there!

    Jane and Lance, thank you so much.x

    Sophie, it was fun definitely! x

    Jennifer, wish I lived nearer your studio, would love to see ot!

    Katie, your back! Howdee!

    Sally, pleasure!

    Jane, maybe not the same magazines!

    Webb, me too, it is the quality of the tourmalines I think, they really glow.

    Hostess, they have just gone into the shop!

    Tess, I'm thinking a lavender bag/earring swap??

    Susan, there is all the normal stuff going on too - sweetie stalls, hotdogs etc!

    F in the F, I would love to hear how your stall goes, selling fresh flowers isn't always easy is it, I think some people feel it is an indulgence, which is why the posies work well, maybe?

    Brenda, thanks for the kind comments. x

    Abby, merci!

    Linda, thanks so much for the feedback, it is so interesting to hear which pieces people are drawn to.

    Abby, xx

    Lilacs, the double disc earrings are for sale online as of today, wildacre.bigcartel.com

    Vintage Jane, why is that? A 10 yr old girl, fell in love with the bottle of flowers and bought it for her bedside table (how adorable is that?!!), but only one adult bought a vintage bottle...Maybe just the wrong market? Sorry about your lovely sounding stall, it would have been absolutely up my boulevarde! it is tough when people don't get one's idea of loveliness, especially with the work it takes to get a stall together.