July 18, 2011


The Great British Summer has started it seems, days on end of lashing rain and grey skies, yawn!!

Which is all rather a shame since the kids are about to break up from school and we have been loving our new summer aquisition which some of you spotted in this photo from my last post.

It is a canvas bell tent, allegedly 5 person, but would sleep 8 no problem. The kids have been having regular camp outs (pre- G.B.S!), and loving it.

I have always warmed to the boho-ey flavour of camping but loathed the British reality of rain, mud, awful sleep and insects. It's not that I mind roughing it at all, especially if it for a purpose - enabling work i want to do or the exploration of fascinating places. Or getting to hear The Killers live maybe. But I have never felt the need to explore places close to home as "holiday" in abject discomfort! Always the worst thing for me about camping is the damp nylon, horrid, claustraphobic plasticky tents that  both suffocate and leak! Bleugh!

Makes me sound pathetic I know.

But, I tell yoos, this lovely, canvas, light and roomy yurt is so different. No claustraphobia, no feeling like I am inside a giant plastic carrier bag fighting for breathe amid damp piles of clothes and packets of crisps (which are my memories of camping in Blighty). And, get this, only one central pole, oh the joy of not dealing with 30 little bits of annoying linky poles in the drizzle. A marriage saving detail! Ok I've not yet slept in it, but I'm thinking it might happen - especially if I can smuggle in a proper mattress and duvet!! Ha! I could go the whole hog and have lanterns, kelims and a stove....yee haa!

At dusk a few nights ago, just add a few pillows, lanterns and a glass of wine....
Glamping? Bring it on.

ps. Your comments and questions following each Friday's 'growing cut flowers' post will be answered the friday after as part of that post - seems easier that way. This friday it is about creating a plot for growing flowers to cut, so fire away any questions on Friday! xx


  1. Okay this I could do. But like you I would prefer if it were stationary in your beautiful back yard and I could run from house to tent.

    xo Jane

  2. Hi!
    I've just come to your blog after being sent here by Nikki @ Homebird... and oooohhh you do have a lovely blog here! I will joining your followers list. :-)
    You take such lovely photo's of all your flowers, I'm relatively new to gardening but find it all so interesting.
    Brilliant yurt, I had a friend who had one of these.. it was sooo spacious inside..!

    Ashley xxx

  3. That has to be the most beautiful tent I have ever seen. ALMOST worth camping for. I camped once with the Guides and never found the need to do it again.

  4. Hello Belinda:
    How absolutely splendid. It has a wonderful 'retro' look to it which makes it, in our view, particularly appealing. We shall hope to hear about weekends away, pitching tent in some far flung field, or similar!

  5. I am with you on this camping malarkey. Middle of the Serengeti where there's nowhere else to sleep? Great, exciting even. Somewhere cold where there's a perfectly good bedroom with an en-suite nearby? Why?!!! When I hit 40, I made it a rule never to sleep anywhere again where I had to take my own loo roll to the toilet! Jan x

  6. Great tent. I would pack the kids off into it (if it wasn't winter), lock the doors to the house and take to the bath with candles, a glass of bubbles and a good magazine. Bliss...

  7. I need one of those! I have a tiny cottage and two daughters and have just had a lightbulb moment as to how to deal with sleepovers. (Drags self away from your beautiful blog and heads off to search Google for 'bell tent'...)

  8. That looks delish. Fingers crossed we have nothing, but lovely weather alllllllll Summer now.

    Nina x

  9. Jane, have newfound love for our bathroom! Camping within reach of a clean loo and comfortable mattress is the best! xx

    Ashley, hi, thanks so much for visiting, any friend of homebird is a friend of mine! xx

    Susan, guides camps, jeepers, why why??x

    Jane and Lance, oh it so much nicer than the modern nylon ones! x

    Jan, couldn't have put it better myself, you are SO right!x

    PM (like calling you that!), it truly is genius for sleepovers, they adore it and feel they are doing something a bit different and they are not all over the house - joy! Question is how cold does it have to get for me to relent and let them indoors again, I'm thinking November!!!;)x

    Nina, everything crossed here! x

  10. I have a bell tent - they are fab, and as you say, so easy to put up. It comes into it's own as a spare room for rowdy youngsters in summer.

  11. My definition of camping is a Holiday Inn with a mountain view! This does look like a lovely tent,but I will let you use it yourself.

    Can't wait for Friday. have identified a spot that I shall clean for a cutting garden. Need to learn what to do!! see you Friday.

  12. Hi Belinda,

    I wouldn't mind camping in a tent like this either. It looks really special. I can almost see your kelims and lanterns inside :-)

    You asked me about our garden. We live in a 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor apartment in the centre of Rotterdam. As we don't have a garden, we rented an allotment garden four years ago from the municipality of Rotterdam. We bought the house on it.

    The allotment complex we have a garden on, dates back to 1937. It adds to the beauty of the gardens. There are lots of big trees and it's really more like a park.

    Dutch allotments are often different from allotments in other countries. It's not only vegetables and fruit. A lot of people even stay the summer in their garden houses, like our neighbours. As our garden house is really more like a shed, we can't sleep in it, but I don't mind. It's lovely going there for a few hours. It feels like having a house in the country ;-).

    I hope the weather will get better in the UK. Enjoy your summer holiday!

    Lieve groet,


  13. Hi Belinda,
    I've recently discovered your lovely blog and have passed a Liebster award on to you.You can pop over to my blog if you want to collect it

  14. Yes, please feel free to do a link- I tried to email but for some reason I cannot use it?? Having lots of Comp glitches of late!!

  15. YURT Envy - love love it Belinda! Wow your clematis photos are staggering, the colour is AMAZING! Sorry I am all tumbling out wildly with enthusiasm. Must take the time to read your fantastic cutting garden tutorials properly, thank you so much Belinda,

    Sarah x

    ps go for it, sleep under the stars - when it warms up a bit obviously! x

  16. Love the idea of a bell tent, but my modern dome has seperate sleeping pods - essential for teenagers! Lovely blog, by the way.

  17. In my opnion you are the first person to make camping look, well, ApPeAlInG! Positively dreamy, really. Beautiful blog: no faint praise from another garden lover....