July 29, 2011

A quick hello and goodbye!

Last week we decamped to a house in the Cotswolds, just outside the beautiful town of Chipping Campden. We were six of a group of eighteen members of my husband's family all staying in one house, grandparents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, partners and a gorgeous baby - the whole caboodle!

It could have been stressful. It wasn't, largely because I have had the luck of marrying into a wonderfully warm family with the most incredibly relaxed set of siblings. Hell bent on kindness and patience every one of them! Literally not one cross word. I mentioned this observation to one of Richard's sisters and she said she thought it might be because there's no bad blood between them, no seams of unresolved bitterness that can rise to the surface and masquarade as those holiday gremlins -  dishwasher rage or one- upmanship or petty quarrels. I thought that was interesting.

There were beautiful walks,

swims, visits to gardens,

lots of eating outside and three generations playing, chatting and generally catching up. More of which in future posts, but it is good to be home tonight, cuddling the pup, watering the garden and finally sinking into my own bed. I leave you with a few photos of some flowers which popped up in the garden during our absence, and hope you all have a lovely summery weekend. xx


  1. Wonderful when families can get together as you did, you sound as if you had a great time and the Cotswolds is a super place to visit, with stunning gardens !

  2. Good Morning, What a blissful week you've had.

    With sun I see. Kind of a rarity,no?

    If I showed you what popped up in my garden this week it would be bindweed and other undesirables...

    Too hot to weed.

    xo jane

  3. Sounds blissful, love your Echinaceas!

  4. So glad you had a good vacation. What a lovely place. glad you are home safely.

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and things are always so much nicer when family loves one another. I am glad that you enjoyed it and the pictures are fabulous, what a beautiful place.

  6. Your photos are beautiful and how beautiful it is when everyone gets along so well and has a marvelous time. Your children will forever have these memories of family coming together and having wonderful moments.