August 11, 2011

credit: Mail on Sunday

This image of volunteers helping the post-looting clear up is one of several in the media at the moment, and I share it too incase you missed it, partly to remind myself that there is generosity and nobility of spirit on the streets of our country as well as crass oportunism and greed. Hoping for some more good to emerge from the horrible shock of the last few days' violence.

On a lighter note, please drop by tomorrow if you would like an all-singing, all-dancing, ocean-going, fur-lined whopper of a list of flowers to grow in your cutting patch! xx 


  1. I am definitely checking in on the ocean liner list! As for the rest, I am simply sad and disheartened and speechless....thank heavens for the good eggs with brooms!

    Sarah x

  2. Thanks for posting this Belinda, and thanks for your reply to my comment on your 'Ugly Truths' post. How good it is to see something positive after all the terrible images of senseless violence and misery. Those shining smiles are like a beacon of hope :-)
    Jane Gray

  3. While there are no happy endings there can be happy moments.

    Thank God people took back the streets. If we live in fear it all just gets scarier.

    I'll be back tomorrow for a dose of lovely.

    xo Jane

  4. Glad to see happy faces again :-)! I will check out tomorrow's post.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x