August 29, 2011

Late summer sunsets

I don't know what science is involved, but sunsets during the last evenings of summer always seem to be so beautiful with us.

Really, hauntingly lovely, but very quickly over.

It is as if the sun is twirling its way off centre stage for the year with as much flamboyance and va va voom as possible. Gets a standing ovation from me.


  1. Amazing. Looks like flames in that last photo. A few fabbo sunrises in Scotland last week, too grey by evening to be stunning! Ax

  2. Those are just amazing, Belinda. I absolutely adore sunsets. Watching one, even if it's only fleeting, makes me feel closer to the Maker. ;-)

    By the way, I had my Sarah Raven catalogue delivered the other day. You are officially a BAD influence on me!!!


  3. Sadly no sunsets like that here due to the thick cloud cover we have had recently. It is lovely to see your stunning pictures though, especially the one of the light coming through the windows of your home. You do have a good eye for capturing some glorious shots. A xx

  4. Stunning sunset looks as if the sky is on fire!
    Julie x

  5. I adore sunsets - love the last picture - like the sky is on fire.

    Nina x

  6. Gorgeous sunsets. Just make we want another one, like tomorrow. Make looking forward nice, don't they? xoxo

  7. My heart almost skipped a beat, this is so beautiful... love the fiery sky, flames of angels. Gorgeous pictures, and a very pretty house..

  8. This is so beautiful...I love sunsets and the pink sky is beyond beautiful! The silhouette of the house is amazing!

  9. Wonderful pictures - I must try to get some sunset pictures myself, though they won't be as good as yours, I'm sure!

  10. Beautiful pics! Glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays linky party.

  11. A, sunrises, sunsets, just nothing quite like them for lifting the soul.

    Sarah, exactly, the tissue between earth and heaven seems to thin to gossamer...

    A, thank you!

    Julie, Nina, t really does, magical!

    Webb, we don't always get amazing ones, that ole grey Blightly cloud often obscures.

    Karen, flames of angels I love that!

    Annie, it is a good shape for a silhouette isn't it? Makes taking a photo easy!

    Cathy, go for it - I just pointed and shooted for those ones! shhhhh!

    abc, thanks for hosting, its fun!