August 09, 2011

Ugly truths.

credit:Guardian newspaper
My memories of Kefalonia have been increasingly shunted aside by the horror of violence sweeping London and other British cities.

I am a Londoner born and bred, my family live there still. I am nervous for them tonight. I am also so saddened and ashamed at the state of our society tonight, exposed and raw and ugly.

Such a deep well of hatred and anger that must be bubbling beneath the surface of so many lives. Such desperate fury. Such unspeakable disregard for any notion of right and wrong, such a complete disconnection from basic notions of respect and humanity. I want to understand, but I feel afraid of the answers.

Here are the opinions of one who truly knows and has spent her life working with the most desperate young people. There are no excuses as she says, but there must be some reasons? Whilst my thoughts whirl round and round, my heart goes out to all affected by the horror.


  1. eloquently put as always. i too am afraid of the answers...

  2. Thanks Lotte, it is sickening, and it seems our society has sickness in its belly. x

  3. I read where a rioter yelled out to others " come join the fun".

    When will the realization of what "the fun" was hit them? Or will it?

    I pray it does. Our societies owes many amends to those who have less. But if you have a blackberry, how hard up are you?

    Hard up in the soul I say.

    Don't let these awful events turn our hearts to stone too.

    xo Jane

  4. i can't believe what is going on there. it is so sad, you are right. the desperation people feel have led them to this? it's just awful.


  5. Am so sorry this is happening in London, and on in other places. Hope your family remains safe. It appears that bad people are everywhere and more than willing to take advantage of any situation to do bad things. Thinking of you. xoxo

  6. yes, so sad to see this on our tv screens each night (its the first item in nz too). thinking of old blightly and hoping the madness will end soon.

  7. So very sad to see this on our news here in Australia too. Thinking of everyone there. And I LOVE your holidays pics of Kefalonia - a place I really want to visit one day - it's on my list for definite. x

  8. Hi Belinda,

    Such a horrible thing to happen. I just can't understand why they are hurting their fellow countrymen. I sincerely hope it will be over soon. Hope your family will be safe!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  9. I blogged about this today as well. It's just bizarre, isn't it? But have you seen the clean-up efforts too? I hope it's those that are remembered in years to come.


  10. I like this. It is good to see someone thinking beyond them just being 'thug.' Of course it is wrong, but there are reasons for this, beyond wanting a flatscreen tv. There is also hope for the people who did this,if they get a second chance to change or if they meet that special someone who helps and inspires them.
    I have been reading about Benjamin Zephaniah today, a brilliant poet, who was told that some people can't read and should go and play football! He entered a life of criminality and was sent to Borstal, but changed his life and found out he was dyslexic. You should check him out, he is very inspiring.
    People can change.

  11. My daughters live in Birmingham, a city centre that was much more affected than was shown on the news. I was very scared for my oldest, who works on the street where they were rioting, and who had to stay in the building all day and go home early to avoid the crowds that were building up.
    After hearing the things she told me I'm afraid I believe that, for the most part, the rioters and looters don't have any deep reasons - they are just taking liberties with our civil liberties.
    Jane Gray

  12. Jane, these kids learn't to think and feel this way, how to stop it??? A lot to think and pray about as you say.

    Janet, I would love to know if any of these looters felt unconditionally loved and respected as kids, I would really like to know. Just a hunch...

    Webb, thanks for your thoughts.

    Sally, oh me too, but the causes will take generations I fear.

    Madelief, thank you for your kind words.

    Sarah, loved the hope in your post, clinging onto it!

    Romi and Bob, I love BZ, but didn't know all that about his background, he would be such a fab spokespearson wouldn't he?

    Jane, I totally agree the violence has become utterly obscene and meaningless, the only 'reasons' I mean't are the life experiences that initially warp a child away from respect and morality (in the sense that a newborn is not born innately thuggish surely?). The actions in themselves though are completely without defence and should be thoroughly punished for the horrible crimes they are. It is a terrifying reality being played out on our streets. It must be so frightening having your children so close to the violence, I so hope they will remain safe and out of harm's way.

  13. I think that the hard part will be in understanding that there is a difference between excuse and reason. There are many many reasons--not the least of which is a lack of agency. There is hope here.

  14. A in B, exactly, exactly - the difference between excuse and reason, that is what i was getting at! Whilst there are causes there is a way in to create change, hope as you say. I just hope it isn't all brushed under the carpet when the rampaging stops.