August 24, 2011

what i am loving about late summer

late summer blooms in punchy colours

golden afternoon sunlight

eating in the garden, reading in the hammock, 
cups of rose tea with bees buzzing and butterflies flitting 

playing with my youngest two before uniforms are pressed and shoes shined.
enjoying their freedom with them, relishing their crumpled shorts and lolly-dripped t-shirts. 
loving later breakfasts. time for pancakes and bircher meusli and langour.

 fruitpicking and crumble-baking and pie and jam-making. 

blackberry stained fingers and bare feet,
sprinklers, freckles,
even getting caught out by rain and 
leaving wet flipflops by the door.
good books and proper bedtime stories,
taking our time over these
happy last days of summer.


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  1. Oh what beautiful colours. There is something wonderful about these last days of summer. I had a really good clear out in y garden yesterday - the front has been sadly neglected and everything looked a bit frizzled & dried. I have watered it within an inch of its life and the remaining plants are looking very grateful this morning!!! Garden report? MUST DO BETTER.

  2. Hello Belinda:
    What a lovely, and often very mouth watering, set of images which really do conjure up the present season as summer moves, albeit almost without notice, into autumn always, we feel, marked by the start of a new school year.

  3. Your pudding is making me drool. *wipes mouth* NOT attractive!!

    I love your Summer Loving list....but then I would expect nothing less from The Flower Queen herself. ;-)

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Summer Loving link party.


  4. You have perfectly captured summer with all the senses :) I am hoping to go berry picking with the kiddos this afternoon, actually :) What is that pink flower with the little yellow on the 3rd photo? Its just lovely XOL

  5. can I say yum? looks oh so delicious! And your garden flowers are wonderful too :) just visiting from Sarah's party. take care, Diane

  6. Yes! I love the freedom of summer. Hard letting go when school starts up again. This is a delicious post!

  7. Oh that pudding looks tasty.
    Your summer garden has really produced some bright and lovely bouquets.
    The colourful arrangements are swoon worthy!

  8. Both the flowers and the food look deeelish

  9. Karen, it is all about the light for me, it is so wonderful this time of year.

    Jane and Lance, I agree, autumn comes with stealth until term starts and then it is out of the closet!

    Sarah, pleasure treasure!

    HHU, love the blackberrying!

    Poindext, a big welcome to you, thanks for visiting.

    Jacqueline, it is sooo hard accepting the grind has started and summer is over, i'm so relishing these last days! Welcome to Wild Acre.

    Hostess, thank you, love a crumble myself!

    Elaine, thank you! x

  10. Punchy, indeed! Your flowers continue to be just lovely. I want to just pick a spot and lie down in your garden.

  11. Dear Belinda,

    How beautiful the flowers in this post look. I love all the purples and pinks. It won't be long before the asters will be in bloom in the garden. Crumble is something I always enjoy making in the autumn. Your looks delicious!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  12. Such great photographs! your eye for color and design is fantastic.

  13. Wonderful pics of gorgeous flowers :) Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.

  14. Oh I remember those last days of summer when the children were small and yes usually covered in lolly juice, you describe it so well, I do miss those days... beautiful images and of course wonderful plants, you grow them so well! :) x

  15. What an absolutely lovely post! Your photos are just gorgeous and we had one of those days today where we relished every single moment of late summer. Thank you so much for coming by and joining us this week at Inspiration Friday!

  16. Oooh! What a great feel-good post to read on this drizzly Friday. Gorgeous photos and your words bring back happy memories of my own summers as a child.

    Am now going to go back and read your more recent post about what I can do with the existing flowers in my garden this autumn. I reckon I'll just experiment and if stuff dies it's no biggie. Got to just get stuck in and see how I go I think.

    Have a fab weekend! With the weather rubbish we're staying home and cosying up. Have the day off today so a lovely long weekend for me - hurrah!

    Nicki xx

  17. Mmmm delicious/beautiful/inspiring! I love your photographs of the grasses.

    What's this about rose tea? Does it taste like roses smell?