September 07, 2011

Change of focus

September has blown in with strong winds, sparkling flashes of sunshine, wild rain and beautiful sunsets.

The garden is still suprisingly full of colour and life, but I have drawn the Wild Acre flower selling season to a close for this year, the wild weather and dwindling supplies of flowers makes it a bit precarious.  This was the last bouquet of the year, it was for a tenth wedding anniversary, echoing the style and colours of the original wedding flowers. It was such a pleasure to do, a heartfelt arrangement of the freshest garden flowers for a lovely local couple, right up my alley!

So the focus has shifted to the jewellery designing and making, and woah, its been exciting in that department in the last few weeks! Commissions, and an autumn/winter collection to pull together, exhibitions and craft markets all in the offing - I just need an extra couple of days in the week please! Here is a little sneak peak of a couple of pieces, much more to come in the next few months.


  1. Such a beautiful photo of the sunset. Just love your jewelry xx

  2. Hello Belinda:
    We do think that the bouquet is absolutely beautiful. We love the deep plum shades of the Cotinus and Dahlias which set off the lighter tints and tones of the other flowers so wonderfully well. We are sure that the clients were delighted.

    And, how pretty and delicate your jewellery is. It sounds as if it is going to be very hectic in the coming weeks but, we hope, exciting too. We wish you well with your Autumn/Winter Collection!

  3. Hope you have had a fab flower season and here's to a successful jewellery season!

  4. PINK Astrancia! So pretty, Belinda. A wonderful bouquet and I love the quaking grass accent. The sky over your house is dreamy.

  5. Oh those are pretty necklaces you must be very busy getting your stock in order for the upcoming markets.
    They look like they would make great gifts for Christmas too!

  6. All looking so good over at the Wild Acre patch. I love this time of year- drawing in and looking inwards a bit more. Love that last necklace, Ax

  7. What a wonderfully autumnal looking's lovely. Your jewellery is simple and elegant. It's exciting to have a change of focus, should be a very busy season for you. Love Linda x

  8. No, tell me it isn't over??? This hot and humid summer that killed my lilac and produced nada in the garden, over?

    Necklace #1 please, birthday coming up!

    xo Jane

  9. I love the colour of the dahlias, such a beautiful bouquet too.
    I am a huge admirer of your jewellery, so am very excited to see the fabulous new items in your collection. Abby xx