September 22, 2011

Circles of silver

I am busybusybusy working on my autumn/winter collection of jewellery. Really it should all be ready by now, but six weeks with four kids off school somewhat stalled the fabrication process!

Still, piece by piece, new necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are emerging from images in my mind, to drawings in my notebook, to actual ready-to-wear items. To me, the shapes and weight of jewellery is really important, I want them to please the eye but also feel good in the hand, feel balanced and comfortable - it is hard to explain. Like Japanese netsuke are enchanting to behold but also wonderful to hold in the hand, weighted and balanced to perfection, that is my ideal even with really simple pieces. So sometimes I will make an item with a certain guage of wire say, only to discover it doesn't feel right, needs to be heavier or flatter or more softly edged. I look at something I have made holding it in my hands, transferring it from one to the other, feeling its weight and shape. I don't know if other makers to this, but it is vital to my creative process. I was spluttering with excitement reading The Hare with the Amber Eyes recently, and discovering that the ceramisist Edmund de Waal has similar feelings, and his descriptions of netsuke and his own work exactly articulated my need to hold my work and 'feel' its balance. He writes so brilliantly of these sensitivities:
"I can remember the weight and the balance of a pot, and how its surface works with its volume. I can read how an edge creates tension or loses it. I can feel if it has been made at speed or with diligence. If it has warmth.
...some objects do seem to reain the pulse of their making. This pulse intrigues me. "

At the moment circles seem to be freewheeling their way across my imagination. Like eddies in rockpools, ripples in water, their forms in combination with one another are fascinating me.

infinity neclace on a double chain

infinity bracelet on a double chain

earrings with moonstones

Hammered, some gently flared from true, or polished and smooth as silk, they are all spilling off the workbench at the moment. I have put a few into my shop, but more are in the pipeline, so please keep popping by the bigcartel store if you are interested.

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  1. Each and every piece is wonderful and I'm particularly admiring the moonstone earrings.

    Clever, clever you.

  2. Hi. I love your stuff, but could you state the wearing length of your necklaces, please? 16" chains are too tight on me, so I would need to know the single and double length where there is an option.

  3. Felicity, thank you so much, the moonstone earrings are a sneakpeek and will be in the shop soon.

    the veg artist, the infinity necklaces come out at just over 16", but I can make them 18'' if that suits? just let me know. so glad you like them!

  4. I love the elegant simplicity of your pieces Belinda

  5. I find your jewelry peaceful. It seems like an odd description, but it's what I feel.

  6. I love the last necklace, so beautiful :)

  7. I love reading about your process - fascinating. Your circles as eddies and ripples - pure poetry :) Thank you for joining Post Of The Month! XOLaura