September 26, 2011

flower party time

It is time for another of Jane's fabulous flower parties, and I have a few vasefuls to bring along.

First up, the arrangement I made on Friday is still perky, adding a bit of floral drama to the sittingroom and wafting the gorgeous acidantera's scent around.

There are so many acidanthera in the garden, I indulge in vasefuls,

I don't know if they are wildly unfashionable because I never hear anyone talk about them, but I love them all white and fresh in september and so crazy sweetsmelling in the garden and vase.

Anyway, yesterday the mister and I went on a lovely walk, down the footpaths and bridleways around our home, by fields and the local river, all in soft September sunshine. Whereas in May it had looked like this,

it is now beginning to look quite autumnal.

the dark roof of our barn is just in view by the poplar trees!
Along the way, I couldn't help picking at the seedheads and grasses, and scooping up a pheasant feather or two. I am not a fan of dried flowers, but I have put my autumn haul in an old clay jar for a few days to remind me of a lovely weekend walk.

Righto, I'm off to the party, to see what everyone else has brought along!


  1. Acidanthera is one of my favourites, too. I lost all of mine last winter so only put them in in the spring now and can't decide whether to lift this year's or just plant more and hope they make it through... Fingers crossed. Jx

  2. Very beautiful arrangement Belinda but the seed heads and feathers are just perfect in my book :) x

  3. OH Belinda...Im turning green with envy. I love love the bouquet. I must investigagte the acidanthera - it is beautiful. Sinead x

  4. Gorgeous flowers, Belinda. I love the dark purple with the white... next year, maybe!

    You are not linked up at Jane's, yet. Having Blogger problem?

  5. Here you are Belinda!

    I love love love the whatmacallit, starts with A. We use it in the shop but I have never thought to plant it.


    Both arrangements are beautiful, and the spontaneous clutch of fall beauty says it perfectly.

    xo Jane

  6. Belinda I have missed being able to read your wonderful blog and see your fabulous, creative blooms having suffered 10 weeks without internet connection. So looking forward to finding out about your summer!
    Katie x

  7. Oh - such beautiful, beautiful flowers.

    I bought some dahlias from the market the other week and they lasted all of about four days. They were very cheery for those four days though.

    Nina x

    ps. you have an email address so no need to fret. I was kind of saying it for the people that don't and then ask a question. N xxxx

  8. Love seeing your beautiful arrangement again and the seedheads are so lovely. Hasn't the weather been gorgeous today - an Indian Summer maybe for the next few days? X

  9. Oh goodness -- you have quite a way with flowers, it looks like. The first arrangement has such beautiful form.

  10. I love the Dahlia arrangement. Shared at