September 12, 2011

Hello America!

I am ridiculously delighted to announce that a small (but growing!) collection of Wild Acre jewellery is now available to purchase on the other side of the pond! Hello America!

Style Outside the Box is a new and exciting curated online indi designers' emporium, all hand picked by a jury to offer an interesting mix of designers across the jewellery/clothes/homewares/gifts spectrum.

Here's how they describe the site:

Our story didn’t begin with a simple website blue print and a small office, it began in a little place known as the “Big Apple” at a small, independent designer’s pop up shop. While working amongst independent designers Laura, the founder of Style Outside the Box, became captivated by the talent and energy shown by these designers, and decided it was time to share their one of a kind products with the world.
After three hard working months of traveling, meeting and scouting the best of the best independent designers- Style Outside the Box was born.
    Style Outside the Box is the first shopping site where an elite style council juries and selects every product to meet Style Outside the Box’s standards, so customers never have to worry about the quality as well as the uniqueness of every product. We are a website solely for exclusive independent designers who stand behind every one-of-a-kind product made and sold. We pride ourselves among never working with mass-manufactured products and we guarantee every time you shop with us you will not only be shopping among quality products made by quality designers, but you will be satisfied with your purchase as well as our exceptional customer service. Our team is also available to help you find those specific products you have been searching for- our data base is full of one of a kind designers willing to create your customizable gifts either for yourself or for a special occasion.

It is fabulous, and I feel really lucky to have been asked to be involved. Click on the link, here, to have a look-see. Just having been added today, I am on the last page of the jewellery section.



  1. Hi Belinda,

    Congratulations! I understand completely why they would love to sell your jewellery. It is beautiful!! Good luck!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  2. Oh Belinda that is such fabulous news.


    Nina xxx

  3. These are beautiful pieces well done you good luck with it all

  4. Wow! That's so exciting! Well deserved, your work just gets more beautiful. X

  5. This is v. exciting news Belinda.

    if I just hadn't contracted another 1000.00 + worth of work for the kitchen I would be ordering the silver bubble necklace.

    Money out, money in, that's my motto.

    Though it is my birthday this coming Sunday....

    Best of luck with this new site.

    xo Jane

  6. Ooh, there's another of those gorgeous bashed-up necklaces... want want want. Well done, that's great news. Am not at all surprised they want you.

    Nicki xx

  7. Congratulations Belinda, that is fabulous news. It's a shame they don't say where the artists are from though, as I think this would be in your favour. Still you don't want to rock the boat when you've just got on it! Well done girl! Love Linda x

  8. Excellent news! Your work is so good, and another outlet cannot be a bad thing. Looks like the winter will be busy.

  9. Congratulations you deserve it. Don't get so busy you give up on the flowers though. You are a very talented lady.

  10. Hello lovely! So, conquering the New World now, marvelous and all in a day's work! Your Craft Makers stall looked brilliant Belinda, I am not surprised you had a successful day. Good luck with the launch in the US. You're brilliant!

    Sarah x

  11. How exciting Belinda! Many congratulations on taking your venture across the pond like this!