October 01, 2011

All about the light

Early autumn has seemed all, all about the light.

Misty mornings with the heaviest dews, soaking underfoot as I wander out, cup of coffee in hand to take a moment of calm before the busyness of the day,

that for the last week have turned into the wildest sunny days, soaring temps and golden, golden light.

Intensifying by the afternoon,

until the light implodes into a single, mad ball of fire

October has a lot to live up to!

linking to Sarah's "Fall in love" celebration of Autumn.


  1. So beautiful...every shot! I love the afternoon light...it's like magic. You're right..."October has a lot to live up to!"

  2. You are so right, it has been such a beautiful Autumn so far. Let's hope it continues! Love the photos, Jane x

  3. Belinda, I'm puzzled by the fact that your seasons are a bit ahead of ours.
    We're definitely moving toward Fall, but your trees look full on. Your Spring is earlier too. What are we doing wrong in New England? Must be hurricane season keeps us warmer longer. dunno.

  4. Gorgeous progression. I'd like to roll on the lawn, too.

  5. Wow, I love your pictures. You've really reminded me to slow down and enjoy! Xxx

  6. Amazing photos! Your garden looks soooo inviting. Would like to join you for a coffee and a wander around your garden early in the morning but obviously that would be weird. Ha!

    Nicki xx

  7. I want to be there! Now.

    Autumn has been very bad to us here in Virginia. Grey and drizzly.

    But I'm warming up just looking at your pictures.

    And that sunset, oh my, Belinda. just heart stopping.

    xo Jane

  8. Dear Belinda,

    You captured the light wonderfully. When driving to our garden this morning the light was the same as on your photo's. It's all so very beautiful!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  9. Hullo Belinda have not visited for a while and have being on catch up on your posts.

    I have bought a couple of items from Cox love them thanks for the link.

    Your photos' are awesome...and portrait our countryside in this Indian Summer....your box sentinels look good outside the barn I lost my 2 very large ones to last Winter's frost grrrh..do you cover yours? Ida

  10. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I especially like the ones showing the building - 3 and 4 !

  11. Gosh that last handful of pictures 'wow' - the autumnal light is so amazing.

    Nina x

  12. Love that smorgasbord of fab photos!

  13. And hasn't the light we've been getting in the past week been incredible? All the heat of a perfect summer's day but with a gentle golden film. Lovely!

    Your photos capture what I mean so exactly.

    Thank you so much for linking up to my Fall In Love party.


  14. Beautiful photos - and a reminder of how much I'm missing not being a morning person. Must get out earlier!

  15. How wonderful!
    It looks like we have the same passion for the beauty of nature.

    Greetings from the Périgord,

    If you can spare a minute or two, please have a look at my blog, you may find 'familiar' images...


  16. Karin, thanks for visiting, welcome to Wild Acre - I'm off to yours now!

    Ida, those actually belong to my neighbour, our properties are attached, we are the barn further along. I have had many things out front, and they have all succombed to freezing temps, it is a real wind tunnel there!