October 06, 2011

bye bye indian summer

Finally we had a proper cool, blustery, sunshiny Autumn day today, it seems our dreamy Indian summer is over. I had an inkling it was on its way out a couple of evenings ago, and leaned on our neighbour's fence and had one final, lingering moment soaking up the warm, golden haze that has wrapped its arms around us recently.

It was quite a swan song, and although I have posted a couple of times recently about the mindblowing sunsets we have been enjoying, I just had to add the farewell one!

Funny little moments, so easily missed, they can be the most joyful of all sometimes, can't they?


  1. There is just something magic about sunsets. Maybe the promise of a wonderful sunny next day?

    I always have to rush out to catch it!

    Glorious images!

  2. Moments to stop, gaze and contemplate - perfect on a day such as today when it seems the whole world is contemplating life and death! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us xx

  3. Just beautiful.

    It's cooled a little here too today, but in a good way. It was nice to feel more autumnal and get blustered around.

    Nina x

  4. Sadly the lovely weather left us last Friday here in the north. You have certainly had some spectacular sunsets looking at your last few posts. And as always you have captured them so well with your beautiful pictures. A x

  5. What beautiful sunsets and captured perfectly! Been trying to leave comments on your 2 newer posts too but blogger is just not playing ball AGAIN!