October 28, 2011

the cutting patch series: over and out with Lotte and Bloom

The final post in the cutting patch series given to you by Lotte and Bloom [which just goes to show how much even the most uber-stylish florist loves those garden flowers - yeeee haa!:)]

like most florists i'm mostly reliant on dutch flowers. they're trusty old workhorses; strong, predictable and (usually) not too many surprises. in the main this works well for wedding work, but in my heart it's the english grown stuff i secretly pine for. i adore the the way you can't really know what you'll get until the 11th hour, the imperfections and the glitches - it makes whatever haul you can gather all the more sweet.

in another life i'd love to grow. i'm so inspired by people like erin @ floret who completely kill it - not only are her flowers knockout but the things she makes with them makes my heart explode.

but back to reality, the way i try to combine the two is by incorporating a little of the garden into my work wherever i can. foxgloves, brambles, any and all flowering branches, pampas grass and seedheads...pretty much anything that catches my eye really. 

obviously, i'd never in a million years get away with it at a wedding but in my own house i love having stuff around that is well past it's best. the disintigration of flowers and foliage, the way leaves crisp and curl and darken as they head towards the grave - i can't get enough of it and for my money late autumn is the best season of all.

Huge thanks to Lotte, and to those of you who have followed this series, I hope you found something useful or inspiring along the way!


  1. What lovely seedheads...I like to use rose hips too.
    That bouquet of roses is sheer perfection.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Dear Belinda,

    I enjoyed reading your 'cutting patch' series very much. A big thank you to Lotta and Bloom too!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. Your series has been a real eye-opener for me and I thank you SO much! Spent some time this afternoon wondering the yard looking for foliage to add to my offering for Jane's Monday Flowers and found myself looking at things differently.

    Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks...

    Can't wait for spring to get going on the other parts of the cutting garden! And, thanks so much for all your help! xoxo

  4. Oh lovely you had Lotte with such beautiful words and pictures.

    Isn't it nice how we all can come together in you Wild Acre?

    Thanks to the hostess with the mostest.

    xo Jane

  5. Happy happy happy! I love the "incorporate a little bit of garden" expression, it is my new mantra, I have been experimenting a little and I totally agree, supplementing my shop bought bunch with shaggy garden fronds and berries.
    I saw a gorgeous bunch in Lewes the other day with amazing dusky pink/cream/green carnations - I couldn't believe they were real, have you seen them? I would love to grow some.....sorry off down the lane rambling again!
    Have a lovely weekend Belinda,

    Sarah x

  6. Hostess, I agree! Erin's bouquets are THE BEST!

    Madelief, total pleasure!

    Webb, your enthusiasm has been one of the most lovely things for me!

    Jane, plaisir cheri!

    Sarah, i will keep a look out for those. Good ole Sarah Raven may be a place to look?