October 20, 2011

cutting patch series: a shout out for tulips

I've been up since 3 am, my youngest has a fiendish stomachbug poor mite.

Flagging to say the least so please don't expect to much from this penultimate cutting patch series post!

It is really just a little shout out for tulips. The next couple of weeks are perfect for tulip bulb planting so I thought I'd wave a a few favourites across your computer screen because whether they end up integrated into your existing borders, or on the edges of your cutting patch or in pots, it is just such a huge feel-good luxury to wander out into your garden in Spring and pick the most gorgeous and glamourous bucketfuls for your house or friends. And the thing is, all but the best (and often expensive) florists tend to sell same as same as tulips, pretty enough but not often ones to make you want to weep with awe. Some of those spindly, sickly ones in the supermarket are enough to make you weep, but for all the wrong reasons. I'm not being sniffy, I just think tulips are mean't to be magnificent, like peonies are or the best garden roses. If you grow your own, you can pick the ones that make your heart glad.

For me, at the moment, those are Mt Tacoma,

Spring Green,

Angelique (a shell pink cousin of Mt Tacoma), Queen of the Night,

Black Hero, Havran (two more dark and sultry beauties), Abu Hussan for some zing!

Of course there are a bajillion varieties too choose from, online Sarah Raven and J Parkers will give you a good place to start looking around. Just remember to plant them good and deep and dream of their loveliness all winter!

Pop by next friday for the last post in this series, a wickedly stylish send off by the floral wunderkid that is Lotte and Bloom


  1. oh poor youngest, hope better for half term, and that no-one else gets it xxx gorgeous tulips too!

  2. Lovely tulips. I was too overwhelmed to choose individual ones - and still am not sure I believe they will come up here (bad experience), so went supermarket-style. Bought a bag from Breck's of mixed pinks and white. Planted last weekend, so guess I am on schedule.

    Sorry your series is ending.

  3. Love tulips and you have some of my favourites photographed above - mine will arrive next week ... all that potential, exciting!
    I do hope your youngest recovers quickly from his bug

  4. Hope that your wee one is on the mend. You must be weary too. Maybe you can have a nap.
    Loving the Tacoma with that lime accent...I planted blue tulips and some yellow bulbs in a pot a few weeks ago. They are new to me. White is always so elegant.

  5. Hope youngest gets better very soon, and that you get the chance for a nap. I have just planted my Spring Greens, but Abu Hassan is just the pop of colour that will gladden the heart come spring.

  6. For me it's Ballerina every time. Clean, long, beautifully shaped and a fab zingy orange - wow! Hope the littl'un's well soon! Jx

  7. Belinda,those tummy bugs are hellish!Hope all on the mend. You are a dear doing your post on tulips. I LOVE them and for the past mmmm approx 12-15yrs I have meant to plant them and NEVER do it! Every spring I hang my head in shame at my laziness. THis post will hopefully make me get up and finally do it!! I will keep you posted..Sinead xx

  8. Funnily enough, I was doing a bit of shopping on the Sarah Raven website, and I've been stalling on the tulips so, as always, your post is super-relevant. Thank you!

    I hope your little one (well, quite big one!) gets better soon - and that you have someone looking after YOU!


  9. I second Mt Tacoma... there's a tulip for everyone! ... but sadly not in RSA as the ground doesn't get cold enough in many places for them to be commercially viable. Perhaps a post of your gorgeous blooms next spring?
    Enjoy your half term xxx