October 25, 2011

golden brown, texture like sun

Those golden browns from the last post? They were still looking so beautiful, I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures.

I had a few questions about this mushroom tart, so I thought I'd share the recipe, it is from Nigel Slater's cookery book, "Appetite" - one of my all time most loved source of delicious recipes.

For 4

4 small onions
medium punnet of mushrooms
50g butter
200g puff pastry
180g taleggio or similar semi-soft cheese
thyme, small handful

Set oven for 220C/gas mark 7

chop onions into chunky strips and saute in about 30g of the butter really slowly until soft and translucent and sticky.

in another pan gently saute the sliced mushrooms with the rest of the butter and a little olive oil plus a crushed garlic clove (or two, however you like it) and some of the thyme and a good twist of salt and pepper.

roll shop bought sheet puff pastry (feel free to make from scratch but don't ask me how!) onto greased/floured tray and score a border 2cm in from each edge and prick over with a fork.

tip onions and mushrooms onto the pastry, up to the score mark, but not over, brush edges with oniony butter from pan.

tuck in the sliced cheese and drizzle over the mushroomy butter from the pan.

scatter over remaining thyme and cook for about 20mins, checking after 15.

The amounts given are flexible, just make the mix how you like it. Also fantastic with leeks instead of mushrooms, or just onions and tallegio or a try a slick of pesto with sliced tomatoes or mixed roast veg with mozzerella. Yummm!

Anyhoo, now it looks like a change of weather is on the way, the clouds are rolling in tonight, so those clear blue skies might be hidden for a while.

Time to dig out the wellies!


  1. PLEASE tell me you didn't take these with your phone.


    xo Jane

  2. Lovely photos, we are going to the new photographic exhibition at the V&A this week, bet there wont be many better than yours!

  3. Your tart looks yummy - good enough for me to change the measure on my food scale to be able to calculate in grams! Looks like Sunday night is planned - thanks. Happy weekend.

  4. Gorgeous pictures - I love those clouds - and mushroom tart........mmmmmmmmm - I'm sold.

    Nina x

  5. Beautiful photo's Belinda! I hope your rain will stay away for a while, then it will stay away from Holland too. I want sun to plant some more bulbs this weekend.

    Thank you for the recipe! I believe I must have the cookbook you mention somewhere in my cupboard.....

    Happy evening, Madelief x

  6. I admire your beautiful pictures. Your blog is a real look-book : )