October 24, 2011


This last weekend typified the weather of late - cloudless blue, breezy, crunchy leaves underfoot and the smell of bonfires.

This autumn has been perfection in many ways, the gorgeous burnished colours all set off by the soft golden light, blue skies and dramatic sunsets. Although the evenings and early mornings are chillier, the frost has stayed away and I am picking flowers like mad before it arrives. The jugs full of blooms all over the house still have the hint of summer about them, which is getting my seasonal antennae all confused!

Truthfully, this kind of Autumn is so easy to love, and has none of the persistent pinching cold and drab wetness we often get. But, it has also been unbelievably dry, hardly a drop of rain, like the two months of drought we had in the Spring and it is beginning to really take its toll. The lawn is parched brown and patchy despite the heavy dews and our local river is looking shrunken and perilously low. I've all but given up on the pots of flowers in the garden and the berries and leaves on the trees and scarcer and more shrivelled that usual. The overwhelming shade all around is beginning to be brown, but sparkling in this wall-to-wall sunshine, brown has never looked prettier! I took a few shots with my phone while walking the dog down by the river, the seedheads were so noble somehow! I love seedheads, beautiful and architectural and resilient  - that  is why I chose one for my Wild Acre logo I suppose (that last pic is the logo in nature!).

But since the evenings are colder and darker, we have started lighting fires in our woodburner and the whole barn takes on this woodsmokey, toasty feel that I love. Throws are back on the sofas and candles are being lit. Crumbles have been made from fruits found in the hedgerows and trees, hearty soups, roasts and pies and warm salads with roasted sweet potatoes and peppers and chili, coriander and feta - all good for the soul if not the waistline.

Puff pastry sheet scored around the edges, filled with sauted onions, garlic and mushrooms, topped with tallegio cheese - cooked for 25 mins or so, yummmm - thanks Nigel Slater!

And lastly, I'm ready to put the garden to bed and free that space in my brain that is garden-filled for most of the year! I think living in a country with defined seasons, even if they are a little wonky now and again,  really suits my need for change and rhythm and ritual, England I love you!

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  1. It is nice to have a rhythm to life isn't it? Both the flowers and food were incredibly evocative. Here we are moving into roses in the garden and leafy greens for food! Enjoy nestling in...

  2. You took those pictures with your phone? Ye gods, what kind of phone do you have? Beautiful.

    And that food? Hell with the waistline, I'm purchasing ticket and shall be there at 7:00am.

    Wait for me.......

    xo jane

  3. I can deal with a pants Summer if we get an Autumn like this again... love it. The light is amazing! Nice photos but I really love the food pics. Yum.

    Nicki xx

  4. Lucky you - still having that many flowers to bring indoors.

  5. I'd love to sit in your living room and gaze out those magnificent windows.
    Oh I must say the food is tempting.

    Your dahlia's are such rich shades and they look almost regal.

  6. looks you are having the perfect autumn x we've just suddenly got the grey and wet variety.......

  7. Nature at its best! Love all your images, the wild flowers in the field, the hollyhocks, the lovely arranged dahlias, cosmos and....
    And last but not least - all delicious food arrangements!

  8. love those photos shot against the blue sky. and the teasels too of course...everyone loves a teasel don't they?

  9. The food looks so good I wanted to lick my screen! It is lovely to start settling into our dens for the winter. Not quite there yet, but will be soon.

  10. Your phone pictures are better than the one's I take with my camera! It is very wet and grey here, and my garden is really lacking in colour. I shall have to look at some more late flowering plants for next year.
    I am a big fan of Nigel Slater and love his recipes... must try the pastry, onion, mushroom and cheese, looks heavenly!
    Abby xx

  11. The cream Zoob jug! I have it too, and it looks so lovely with pretty much anything in it! I love Blighty too - I adore the changing seasons and I am total sucker for seasonal rituals. Love the idea of baby clothes in a sampler, how gorgeous. I must go as I am starving having seen those parsnips YUM!

    lOVE sARAH X

    How are you Belinda? Sorry! Where are my manners! Are you still making lovely silvery things? x

  12. Beautiful flowers :D
    It's been very dry here too, hopefully we will get some proper autumnal weather soon ... wet or frost, I don't mind which!

  13. allison, there is just something about the rhythm of the seasons of the seasons - it's only in February time that I sometimes feel impatient for the next one!

    jane, straight up i'd be nervous of cooking for a foodie like you! but i'd get over it just to have you sitting in my kitchen!

    nicki, double yum for autumn food!

    elaine, just, just they are fading fast now!

    hostess, the clever carpenter saved every original beam to make those windows, what a job!

    tess, it is on its way here i think :(

    karin, thank you so much!

    webb, don't go licking that screen now!

    Abby, it is a super easy recipe and great with a green salad. also nice made with tomatoes and mozzerella on top of a slick of pesto.

    SJ, birds of a feather! jewellery gathering apace, see recent past posts and shop button on sidebar. Soo impressed with your stitching!

    Annie, I think the rain is coming our way later this week, we need it so badly. xx

  14. Hello Belinda

    Thank you so much for your visits and your lovely comments.

    We have already had a number of night frosts and there are definitely no flowers in the garden to cut and bring indoors. So, I must admit to being more than a little envious of your beautiful garden blooms.

    You have a lovely blog and I am now an enthusiastic follower.


  15. All this wholesome food. I think I could feed on that too :-)