November 22, 2011

The Civil Wars

I think maybe everyone knows about these two already?

I have just discovered them. I can't stop playing the album while I work. Haunting melodies, gorgeous. soulful voices and harmonies, ridiculously cool music videos. Love.


  1. Very cool clip, thanks for sharing. Without my muso son at home anymore I miss out on new and unique music. I love the soulful sound.
    Penny x

  2. Nope - hadn't a clue - but V.Happy as now I am off to check them out! Reminds me of "Rome" (Danger Mouse and Luppi- a little more spaghetti western but similar vibe!)
    I loved November's Bloom day Belinda - sorry I didn't have the chance to comment when you posted and I am also loving the new earrings - feeling a wish-list moment coming on!

    Love Sarah x

  3. Hi Belinda,

    Great clip! Great music! I like it! Thanks for introducing.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x