November 27, 2011

First sunday of Advent

It is the first sunday of Advent today, we have lit an Advent candle and are beginning to put out a few decorations, so far just those on the Advent candle plate. The rest are still lurking in that particular nook of the attic that causes my hubby to do something horrible to his lumbar to find! oh season of joy!

Actually this year i have made myself a little promise. Less rushing, less spending, less ridiculous and stress-inducing magazines telling me to plan my New Year's Eve tablescape in November, more cosy relaxation, precious time with people we love, and aswell as the feasting and celebrating, some time for reflection and prayer which may sound very old fashioned and dour, but the total opposite is true, for me it is where adventure and challenge and inspiration begin. I'm really holding out against the panic buying and craziness this year....if i am still saying this in three weeks time, i will be chuffed to bits!


  1. Amen! I want to do the same thing. I did NOT race home from our Thanksgiving vacation to try to put up the house decorations today - even tho it was 70 degrees outside! I have NOT started wrapping the loot I purchased last week. I am NOT going to over-decorate the house this year.

    I am going to have a couple of small suppers for close friends instead of a big bash. I am going to do a nicer wreath and nothing else on the house. We are gifting the food bank and not each other this year.

    Yes, definitely a calmer year. Well, at least that is the plan. Let's keep each other honest.

  2. I am sharing your sentiments of quiet and not rushing.
    Less buying
    more savoring
    of the small indulgences peppered throughout the holidays = sanity!

  3. Oh beautiful and dreamy! I get so excited about Christmas but hate the feeling after it's all over and I realise how much energy and stress and expectation I put into one day. We're spreading out our celebrations-a little bit at a time through December and I'm doing whatever I can to avoid that frantic feeling. Prayer and reflection sound like just what I need!

  4. I lost my enthusiasm for crazy Christmas years ago. Too many hours spent decorating for others I guess. Plus a slight distaste for over consumption.

    We'll put up our tree, hang a wreath, host friends on Sundays and wait for the best present of all the sister in laws baby due on the 25th.

    Your plan sounds perfect. Baking is allowed though, right?

    xo Jane

  5. I´m totally with you on this one : )

  6. Dear Belinda,

    I hope you will be able to hold on to the promise you made to yourself! I always find it difficult too. With me it always ends in stress, however hard I try :-)!

    Good luck!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. I am so with you on this, I am SO relaxed this year and intend to stay that way too......I love your photos and like you, my decorations make slow but regular appearances around our home.

  8. I must say I adore the old traditions & all the festivity! Season's greetings to you~

  9. Advent Wreath. Christmas Day at St George's Cathedral, then lunch with the family. An African Christmas tree, and just a few presents.

  10. I think you are very sensible - hope you can keep to your resolutions!

    Pomona x

  11. ..... the start of inspiration indeed!

    Enjoy the season xxxx

  12. Interesting isn't it, trying to get the balance between celebration and simplicity? Thank you for your comments. EE, I think your day sounds lovely. xx

  13. Your picnic looked amazing and your gorgeous children so wonderful. Enjoy the run up to Christmas and don't worry if things don't get done. Out here in Oz it is really so much more chilled. Having said that I am returning for an ENGLISH CHRISTMAS - my first in 3 years. So excited. XXX

  14. I love your sentiments Belinda. I too am determined to simplify this year. Love Linda x

  15. Here, Here, I second that! Wise words from Wild Acre.
    Katie x