December 19, 2011

Catching the light

This time of year I ache to feel the sun on my face. It is a matter of catching the light whenever I can. But the upside of the short, dark days is that I am up and awake to take in the sunrise.

By the early afternoon the sun is already dilute and milky. It seems to slip quietly beneath the horizon, as if the cold has drained its energy.

I'm grateful for every ray though, every moment I can feel the sun on my cold, pink face.


  1. What lovely photos. I think this is more the England of my imagination, than the lovely things you showed us all summer.xo

  2. You have caught the light changing beautifully, I agree it's almost like a craving for light, I was out walking yesterday, it was dark, dank and icy, but the endorphins made up for it .

  3. We have woken up to sunshine today- much improvement on yesterday's cold grey miserable rain which Just. Didn't. Stop.
    Hope you are still managing to be relatively calm and stress free. Ax

  4. Just found your blog - what a delight! Will bookmark it to go back further in a quiet moment as I really should be wrapping presents!

  5. I am a bit like you Belinda. Trying to get as much sun as possible! It's difficult in Holland lately. There weather is so dark and rainy....

    Happy evening & lets hope for a white Christmas :-)!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I think there are upsides to all of our seasons here in the UK. I love to come home after a day in work and light some candles and snuggle on the sofa at this time of year, but am looking forward to getting out into the garden come Spring too.
    Happy Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas lovely!
    I know what you mean about those scarce sunny rays - I find myself reaching for my coat as soon as it appears! Have a wonderful time in Wildacre and thank you for all the pleasure visiting your blog provides,

    with love, Sarah x

  8. I'm trying to get out as much as possible. Even if it is dull, a brisk walk in the fresh air makes me feel so much better. Can't wait to feel the sun and warmth on me again whilst up at the allotment.
    Merry Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog in 2012

  9. Webb, I wonder if English wintertime does have more of a hold on the overseas imagination than the summer, with the whole Christmas traditions/paintings/literature etc as well? I always feel Americans probably think of rain and bad teeth when they think of us!!;)

    Lilacs, it is so NOT tempting to get out on days like those, but I agree, when you get indoors again you feel so much better for it.

    A - yes, thanks, the most relaxed I have ever been, it is a revelation! Yesterday I did have a long list of things to do, but when I looked closer most of them were ferrying my kids about and sorting broken braces etc, can't blame that on Christmas!

    Daisyley, a big welcome to you, good luck with the wrapping!

    Madelief, no chance of snow here I don't think, it has gone all rather mild around here!

    Dan, couldn't agree more, I love the changing seasons.

    SJ, thank you and happy Christmas to you, lovely!

    Tess, worth peering out of the window for, first cuppa in hand, those winter dawns!

    wellywoman, thanks so much for popping by, have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in 2012.

  10. Beautiful photos as usual...I have just moved into a newly renovated 200yr old Threshing Barn just love barn living....

    Happy Christmas to you and your family in your charming Barn.Ida

  11. Ida, wow, ours is a threshing barn too! Is your barn's old threshing room still obvious inside? Our main living area is the main threshing room of the original barn, which is glorious as a space, but means we are short on bedrooms elsewhere! Really, I adore barn living, i'm totally hooked on the warmth, character and freedom to style how you like. I hope you are very happy in yours. xx

  12. Bonjour! Thank you for joining the list of my blog's followers yesterday. As your new follower, I will be looking forward to getting to know you as well. Joyeux Noël! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)