January 04, 2012

Gosh, it's quiet!

I feel like I have landed with a bump into the fresh new year, and suddenly the house is quiet with everyone back to school and work and it is time to snap out of the fuzzy, "what day of the week is it?" mindset of the holidays and jump back into normal life again.

I like this feeling of anticipation, having rested and relaxed, and now ready to plan and prep for the year ahead. I have so many ideas for my jewellery, and personal hopes too, so this morning I am setting out my hopes for 2012. Not resolutions, because just that word makes me feel doleful with the sense of mid February guilt that always follows January's resolve. I end up wearing them around my neck like a medieval penance. But, a shortish list of hopes - that I find more exciting than intimidating. And I'm actually writing them down this year rather than having them tumbling around in my mind. I'm also writing a formal artist's statement for Wild Acre jewellery. Seems as if this is the year I get a little more organised, harness that free spirit just enough to feel there is a good structure in place for what I hope to achieve. Which does all sound a bit like Buzz Lightyear saying "I'm not flying....I'm falling with style!" Well, hopefully not falling, but at least "moving forward with some energy and clarity," (doesn't quite have that Hollywood ring!).

So my hopes for Wild Acre? Without boring you with the fine details:

To get my work into galleries and shops. Just a few ones that I love, and seem a good fit with my jewellery. I have a meeting next week with a gallery that approached me during the holidays which is an exciting start.

To further investigate the possibility of securing ethically mined/recycled  supplies for my work.

To work on the jewellery business 4 days a week and grow the sales.

To work towards  3 or  4  collections to include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings in each.

Deepen the link between my wild acre of garden and surrounding wetlands and fields, and the jewellery designs.

To continue building my skills base at the Hopton and Furlong School of Jewellery.

Investigate the possiblilities of exhibitions and larger craft fairs and pop-up shops.

Plan better, a season ahead.

Do my first business tax return - arrrgh!

Grow my gorgeous flowers more for pleasure than business, but enjoy the selling when it happens.

My personal hopes

Savour - time with my peeps. Disconnect and unplug from technology now and again.

Sleep - earlier to bed in the week. 6 and a half hours sleep a night is just. not. enough.

Food - I may not be the breadwinner in this family but I want to be the breadmaker. Every week, it is a no brainer. Make very sure my veggie daughter is getting enough iron. Eat less, eat better. Eat together as often as we can.

Exercise - this is a crucial 6 months for me - I find the discipline to do more than walking the dog, or I buy my clothes a size larger and stop moaning! I will not be whingeing about my muffin top this time next year, I am boring even myself about it!

Prayer. Use it or lose it. It is a habit, let's not be super-spiritual about it. So grateful God doesn't give up on me.

Photography. I got a big girl's camera for Christmas. Now I need to learn how to use it. Maybe a short course, because the instruction manual door stop makes me want to cry!

Time management. Pootling is lovely, it is cosy but it doesn't really get stuff done. Curb the pootling just a little.

Read more. Watch tv less or not at all.

Write my 'small stones' every day in January, and when I feel like it after then. Little poetic scraps that celebrate or investigate a moment in each day. Held and polished a little, a way to slow down and appreciate the small beauties and feelings that occur but are usually obscured by busyness.

Find one special word that sums up my hopes for the year and hold it close. Can't think of one yet, will let you know when I do.

I'm not going to do them all and I am fine with that, but it is good to know what I am aiming for.

Do you have hopes for 2012? Hope is a good thing, it keeps us moving forward, don't you think?


small stone 4
Difficult news makes my ears feel full, as if hearing the words, somehow bungs them up and makes my hearing muffled. 


  1. Hi lovely,

    Oooh, how exciting about your camera news! Which camera did you get? I know just how you feel about the manual! I found that there were several user's guides that put it all into plain English when I got my Canon last Christmas. Have you had a look at those?


  2. Hi Sarah! I got a Canon 550d, and yes did get a sort of fieldguide to go with it, which is helpful - and i bought that plate to pixel book you recommended which is great. My great quandry is the lens. I didn't go for a kit lens but got a lovely prime lens which is fab for portraits and food type photos but I can't get close enough for my jewellery, think I might need a macro for that which is expensive. Any recommendation for close up shots, lens-wise? xxx

  3. Hope is it. Let's us know no wall we run into is impassable or unscabable tho this is becoming unreadable.

    Plans, hopes , ambitions, they never let us grow stale.

    My muffin top is melting away, it so can be done. Don't give in, get moving.

    xo Jane

  4. I agree that 'Hopes' are better than resolutions... I will spend a little time on mine once the boys are back at school.. but I did spend the whole of today on company accounts - so that feels good! We don't have TV any more - simply cos it's rubbish in SA. However, hubby and I now purchase the occasional DVD and watch it together some evenings - it's become a bit like a date night! Thought I'd really miss TV - but somehow, I don't!!

  5. Those hopes are very inspiring...
    (except the one about the taxes!)

    Writing them down is a very powerful.
    I like to post mine somewhere so I can review them every once in awhile, check in and see if I am on the right track and if I need to make any modifications to the original thoughts.

    Good luck,

  6. your hopes sound so inspiring, enjoy them, especially the camera !

  7. Oh how very exciting! I did a hopes list last year and it just felt wonderful to dream! I wasn't brave enough to share it though. I achieved a surprising amount of it because it was what I really wanted.

    I am just thrilled to read the plans for the business. I have Christmas money left!!! Xxxx

  8. Hello
    I have just found your blog via Tabiboo and wanted to say Hi and how much I have enjoyed reading this post. I'm sure I will be popping in again soon xox

  9. What a lovely post. Putting ones ducks in a row is always so liberating. Your business hopes seem particularly on track to me. Good luck with them all. Hope the meeting goes well this week.

  10. I've held off doing a hopes post as I am looking ahead at a year that will likely be very challenging and really my principle hope is we get through it! But you have inspired me to give it a go.

    Re. your close up photography, I use a 4x dioptre (close-up filter) ... cheaper than a dedicated macro lens and it certainly does the job for me.