January 10, 2012

jewellery news and small stone 10

I am having an exciting time planning my jewellery collections for 2012. Collections being the key. I am going to be making less smaller, one off pieces, and concentrate my efforts on designing and making four or five coherent collections inspired for the main part by the "wild acre" of garden, riverbank and hedgerows around my home. Once I have enough stock they will be available in my online shop, and I am hoping a small range of galleries and other stockists.

Today I visited a gallery owner and jeweller, Jo Mason, who had seen my work online and wanted to have a closer look. She took ten pieces - I am so delighted to have my work under lights in a gallery cabinet! This was a Wild Acre goal for this year, and I am really glad to have got off the starting blocks with it already. If you are anywhere near Radlett, Herts, (surrounded by lovely farmland just north of London) do pop in to the Hertfordshire Craft Collective's jewellery gallery, full of beautiful and diverse pieces by a small range of different jewellers. The gallery and jewellery school is part of a wonderful collection of businesses and shops in a converted farm development called Battlers Green Farm - little barns around a courtyard with a farm shop, cafe, butcher, fishmonger, furniture and cook shops, holistic health shop, florist and lots more. Check out the link above - it really is a gorgeous place to shop or browse.  Here are two of the pieces Jo chose, soon to be available in my online shop too - the willow leaf pendant (from the intersections collection) and oval bangle (from the dewdrop collection).

small stone 10

I love hearing my daughter sing and dance in a room across the hall. 
I hope she will always have cause to sing and dance like this - with carefree limbs and upturned face.
That nothing will cause that bubbling life in her to hide away.
That schedules and constraints will not hem her joy, 
nor disappointment mar her confidence.
I hope, with all I have, that she will still  be dancing in her nineties, 
twirled, perhaps, upon the arm of an adoring grandson.
Strange the dreams we dream for our children.


  1. Belinda, today's small stone made me a bit teary. Those words will be cherished by Isabel in years to come.

    Congratulations on the gallery deal. Fab news. The little rural shopping village sounds right up my street... wondering if it's too far for me to travel on a day when I'm visiting my boss at the RB FSC... :-)


  2. Congratulations on getting your jewellery into the gallery.. that's brilliant news. I bet your really chuffed. :-)

    I love love love the bangle, the dew drop makes is look very sweet. I have some silver bangles, three bangles that look slightly different and they are all joined together. I love the jangly sound they make when I wear them... right, anywayyy.. I'm going on a bit now!

    That poem is so lovely, really special.

    Ashley xxx

  3. Oh all is lovely here, poetry, jewelry, your wonderful way with words making my work day just a little happier.

    xo J.

  4. So exciting for you to be reaching some of your goals. Good luck with all. Suzy

  5. What brilliant and exciting things at Wild Acre. I love your photograph, white background and rose, lovely. Congratulations.

  6. Many congratulations, Belinda!!! I love the organic shapes of your jewelry.
    Unfortunately, I've lost one of the earrings you sent to me!!! This is an ongoing realtionship to my earrings.

  7. So pleased for you, Belinda. This gallery sounds like a great place to start in a good location. Hope there are big dividends for you! Lovely pieces. Someone will really love owning them!

  8. Jewellery looks very elegant.

    The stone has a lovely wish - I hope it comes true. We forget to be children too soon, too quickly.

  9. Wow that's brilliant 2012 has got off to a good start, congratulations. x

  10. Belinda you made me cry with your beautiful words, it could so easily be my daughter! Congratulations with having your work in a gallery, and such a gorgeous sounding place. Good luck with your collections, you really seem to be motoring along towards your goals.I must admit to looking forward to seeing your gorgeous blooms again.Love Linda x

  11. Beautiful words and beautiful workmanship. Congratulations for being chosen by Jo and may your work be sold quickly.

  12. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

    Shelley, oh no, would you like a replacement? Email if you do, I could just make you the one??

    J Cosmo, I couldn't agree more with you, why do we hurry to put away play, and faith, and optimism and other wonderful childhood traits?

    Linda, not happy it made you cry, but glad it struck a chord. And I am getting desperate for blooms I tell you! ;)