January 13, 2012

Looks can be deceiving

It may look bleak mid-winterish out there,

but when I wandered into the little wooded area at the bottom of the garden this afternoon, just lookee what I discovered -

and, bestillmybeatingheart, these -

We are only half way through January and the hellebores are already flouncing their hearts out. 2012 just got lovelier!

small stone 13
The hellebores have turned up early to the party
and their gentle, nodding blushes
only add more glory 
to the aching beauty they can hardly bear to own.


  1. It makes me wistful!!
    Bring it on!!

  2. Snowdrops! Did you plant bulbs, Belinda, or little plants to get started with them? Or maybe they were already in place ?

  3. Such amazing images..... did you lie on the ground to stare the hellebores in their gorgeous faces?!

  4. I saw my first snowdrops yesterday too...pushing their way through a carpet of moss in the churchyard. Friday the 13th was my lucky day!
    Julie x

  5. I too get so excited over the first flowers of the year. I love the early catkins which are yellow and wriggly now! Jane x

  6. I check daily for a hellebore.....no such luck. But my snowdrops have been gladdening our hearts for a month now.

    Winter has returned to Virginia as of yesterday. Brrr. i'll return here for some sunshine.

    xo Jane

  7. When I was half asleep the other morning I heard on the radio that somehwere in the UK (I think it was cardiff or perhaps carlisle?!) a survey had found 63 types of flower out now when ordinarily there would be 10! It certainly has been a mild winter. We saw new ducklings in December!

  8. I dreamt of snowdrops this week. Think it's because I'm expectantly waiting the first bulbs I've planted.

  9. What a delightful, beautiful surprise!
    K x

  10. "Aching beauty" indeed - and in midwinter, a gift to you.

  11. Hi Belinda,

    The photo's look beautiful! It's the same over here. Normally the hellebore is in bloom in March, but it's very early this year. You have a very pretty variety!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x