January 26, 2012

a pocket full of stones

I have a handful of stones, rattling around in my pocket, tumbling about, but never quite finished.

For what they are worth, here are a clutch of thoughts made word, little moments over the last few days.

a V and A museum gift shop plastic bag absentmindedly left behind in the bottom of the supermarket trolley I pull out of the bay. how very Waitrose.


life isn't always a summer day is it?
there are bruising greys and approaching storms,
the only truth is that everything eventually passes.

But close to my heart, like a note tucked safely in my old jacket pocket,
i hold the sliver of faith that there is always light, piercing and warm,
behind those scudding slate-grey gusts.


it's fly apparently, and peng not butters? i don't understand what my kids are saying. i need lessons in yoof.


sometimes words come winging in, 
great flocks overhead,
swooping down to me,
making shapes I can see,
circling truths, words for free .

other days I look up
and nothing swoops by
so I helplessly stare
wringing words out of air,
but they stay out of reach,  resolutely up there.


  1. Simply wonderful! Love your words and poems!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  2. I have had to remind myself often lately that the sun is shining just above those grey clouds ... it's a good thought to hold onto! Great post Belinda :D

  3. I like the poem, your photos, and your random words which also paint a picture in my mind.

  4. A great medley of stones! Thank you!

  5. Your photos are so beautiful, even if it's a gloomy day. I will send a little sunshine your way from Southern California. Have a nice weekend.

  6. You know how talented you are don't you? Your words are evocative and beautiful and full of truth. I hope you know that you're an excellent writer. That poem is sooooooo true - it made me laugh and feel a bit sad at the same time. Keep writing. I think you love it. Xxx