January 05, 2012

small stone 5

as I lie in bed the west winds howl outside my attic room, 
shrieking through the poplars, wailing in fury, banging zephyr fists against the walls. 

and hurtling along the invisible tracks of surging air, 
the horn-cry of a far-off freight train is tossed suddenly against my window pane.

and i dream my little barn-home is carried off on tracks of wind 
to far off places in the night,
the mournful tones of a train's horn 
leading who knows where?

(ps. this happened last night. i think i have watched the Wizard of Oz once too often!)


  1. I was thinking something similar myself with the howling winds..but you describe it much better!!! Sinead x

  2. There's almost nothing better than a warm bed when the wind is howling - maybe rain on the roof.

  3. I too can relate to your words, so beautifully put! Love Linda x

  4. Hi Belinda,

    Just wanted to thank you for my lovely dewdrop earrings - my Mum ordered them for me for my birthday on New Year's Day. Apparently she had a bit of an email conversation with you (her name is Judy and she lives in Scotland) but neglected to let you know it was for a fellow blogger!


  5. I was just wondering where Toto was!

  6. Sinead, Webb, Linda, it is a common human sensation isn't it, burrowing down somewhere warm and dry while a storm rages?

    Charlotte, heyy, how funny, hope you like them? Your mum seems lovely!

    Toffee apple, ha!!

  7. Click your red slippers so you can return home. I like the imagery.

  8. You can watch it too often? I never knew...

    Loved the train image. Has a Ray Bradbury tinge to it.