January 09, 2012

small stone 9, a storm of energy

Just below the quiet winter earth,

a storm of energy is brewing.

Yet like the wild electric fury

of life beneath my skin,

I hardly consider its tilting, rushing power.

So, placing my palm upon the ground, how is it

I cannot feel the creative pulse beneath its somber face?

Exploding divisions, multiplications,

a torrent of living maths I know is there but cannot see,

bound together in miraculous synchronicity.

But not so long from now, vivid shoots of green,

the fecund growth of Spring, will prove again;

That heaving beneath my feet there lies

an infinite, broiling lake of life.


  1. It's probably well we cannot feel it. I have enough trouble getting to sleep when the neighbours have a party.

    But a nicely captured piece of a parallel reality.

  2. A beautiful piece of writing, very thought provoking.

  3. Just lovely, beautiful writing and photos too.

  4. Gosh I feel it too - broiling away!
    Happy, Happy New Year dear Belinda ~ so looking forward to seeing my new garden in Spring bud! Hope all is well in Wild Acre?

    Sarah -x-

  5. How beautiful that you have snow drops to look forward to. Lovely writing too. x