February 05, 2012

celebration and snow

Youngest boy turned nine.

Five of his friends came for a sleepover, I am one brave mama no?

A bangers and mash tea and Arsenal themed cake was enjoyed and demolished at speed.

Presents were opened, various competitions and football in the garden were played and School of Rock watched on DVD. There was no blood or tears spilt (always my fear with groups of young excitable boys) and huge amounts of laughter and joshing. His nibs enjoyed every second as you can see in his beaming face.

The only low point? Our saturday morning started at 4.30am - groan!

But after they had all gone home, the snow started falling, softly but steadily, and it seemed the perfect moment to bake the bread for the week. I love the tutorial here for fool proof bread baking and use it now for weekend baking when I tend to have time to enjoy a bit of kneading. In the week when time is short I go here(youtube clip for miraculous 5 minute dough) or here (any sugar free meusli can be used) for no knead, super quick and tasty loaves. With that muffled quietness that heavy snow brings, and the smell of bread filling not only the kitchen but the whole house, this is the best of February.

Hope you are keeping toasty this snowy weekend. xx


  1. Dreaming of hot bread baking in my kitchen now! Happy Birthday to the young man in your life. NO snow over here YET!!!! Sinead

  2. Lovely photo of 'the Finnster' - his face is just a picture of utter joy! Heartwarming!

    The bread looks amazing. Can well imagine how beautifully fragranced the house was. Y-um. So cosy.

    Nice to see R hard at work on his weekends too! :-)

    Nicki xx

  3. I can smell it from here, and might even get motivated to make some of my own. Delicious! Enjoy your snow - at least for a day or two.

  4. He looks a lot like his Mama! Cold here, but no snow. Your bread is an inspiration!

  5. I can smell the bread as I look outside at my own snow. My twin Grands will turn 9 in Feb. It's a great age!

  6. Nine already... where does the time go? Mine will be 17 - no, 41 - this year.

    Bangers and mash for a birthday tea - perfect! And aren't boys easy to feed? It must be their hollow legs.....

  7. Your bread is perfect! I have loaf envy!!! Oh the look of complete enjoyment on his face is just gorgeous!

  8. Hi Belinda,

    England looks the same as Holland at the moment. So pretty all that snow! Congratulations on your sons birthday. What a handsome boy he is. I love his bright smile. He must have enjoyed his birthday very much :-)! Your sponge cake looks delicious!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. He really had a good time didn't he? Such a lovely image of him.

  10. Nine years + snow bet he enjoyed himself..handsome boy.

    You look to have had more snow down your way,just a light
    sprinkle on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border. Ida

  11. Not a snowy weekend here, in fact we have just turned the heating off, it was 7 degrees this afternoon in North Wales!

    I can practically small that bread baking :D

    Happy Birthday to the young Arsenal fan!

  12. Belinda...You are a brave and fabulous bread making Mama...what a gorgeous son!
    Julie x

  13. looks like a wonderful party! and that bread. amazing. xxxx

  14. What a gorgeous celebration. And I love your snow. I am sitting here sweltering in a sarong, wondering whether I should take a dip in the pool to cool down before bed. If only we could swap places for a day or two!

  15. I'm eating toast while reading this post so we're kind of on the same wavelength, yes?

    What a fantastic weekend. send a loaf my way please?

    xo jane