February 06, 2012

lunch in under 6 minutes

There wasn't much in the fridge for lunch today, and I was short of time.

So I grabbed the three most tasty things l could see: halloumi cheese, romano peppers and asparagus. A slightly odd combination I know.

While steaming the asparagus briefly, I sauteed the pepper strips with a splash of rapeseed oil, a spritz or two of balsamic vinegar and pinch of dark brown sugar. After about 4 minutes I seared the halloumi slices with chili flakes (in the same pan as the peppers).

Salty, chewy, fiery cheese, silky asparagus, and sweet, sticky peppers, all with a twist of black pepper and squeeze of lemon juice. It might not be terribly photogenic but it was so TASTY and took about 5 minutes to make. Result.


  1. When I hve three things left in the fridge...they are in NO way as glamorous as these!! More likely to be a floppy carrot, half a pack of butter and a plate of leftovers!!

    Once again, please will you come and be my personal chef...I'm begging you. ;-)


  2. Have to agree with Sarah, would love you to cook me lunch from your three things in the fridge ;-) I only ever have very dull things to choose from!

  3. Sarah has just made me laugh so hard I've forgotten what I was going to say.

    xo Jane

  4. Halloumi cheese is so underrated and so delicious - I use it a lot, in various ways, eg fried in slices, pepping up a warm salad, or added in cubes for the last 20 minutes to roasted vegetables. But I seem to have gone off asparagus, which seems odd to me, after a lifetime of loving it.

  5. I have to confess I have never tasted halloumi cheese so I really must go and buy some. I like the idea of frying it in slices...
    Julie x

  6. This looks delicious Belinda. I love grilled peppers!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  7. I had never heard of the cheese! And I haunt food blogs! I used to adore asparagus, would make OH drive to Norfolk to buy some but now he buys it in winter and it tastes awful. I have jars and jars of the flame roasted red peppers but rarely remember to eat them. I think you should do a newsletter about what three thing you have in your fridge and how you are going to use them, otherwise I might starve to death...

  8. Looks, and smells, divine... but what is halloumi cheese? Definitely need to Google that!

    Beats my turkey and swiss on whole wheat. I need to try new things!