February 25, 2012

party in pink

There was a 13th birthday sleepover for our daughter here last night - and there was much squealing and giggling and a whole lot of pink!

I was pretty sure that this was the only party that this lovely girl of ours would ask for a pink, retro sweetie theme, so I went for it hammer and tongs!

She was  brilliant and planned and prepped for a whole load of fun games with little prizes - more retro and pink there too!

There was also music and movies and, miraculously, some sleep.

It felt a little bit like her last real childhood birthday party. She loved every second. I loved seeing her have such uncomplicated fun. 


  1. Oh! I've been waiting for this post! The table looks gorge - such a pretty cake and the flowers are beautiful! I would quite like a party like that for me. Love the pastel bowl of jazzies and the butterfly garland. Sounds as though you and Izzi both had fun!

    Pleased to hear there was a little sleep for everyone too. Such an uplifting post!

    Nicki xx

  2. Ps those little blossom flowers you did with the pearl centre? I did EXACTLY that for my grandma's birthday cake last weekend, except I forgot to take photos :( if you ever want to try making sugar paste roses Mich Turner's vid on Amazon is the bomb. X

  3. The cake is so pretty and all those tasty treats just look delicious. There must have been a lot of happy little girls sharing your daughter's special day.
    She'll sleep well tonight :)

  4. I agree with Nicki (above). I would like a party like that me me too! The cake is spectacular. Did you make it? What beautiful memories you create for your daughter


  5. Belinda, did you make the most beautiful birthday cake I've ever seen?

  6. Oh lovely.

    When I turn 13 I'll fly you over to do my party!

    Why did I give up sugar for Lent?????

    xo jane

  7. What a perfectly gorgeous cake ... lucky Izzy!

  8. A party based around sweets sounds pretty perfect to me! So lovely that she had sucha brill time! Hooray!!!

  9. Wow! whatta cake. I want it, too. Much as you hate for her to outgrow childhood, you have great years coming, too.

  10. Oh, I loved your pink party post. I'm so glad your daughter had such a good time. It all looks so fun, and the cookies and cake look yummy. You know what, we had a pink party last night too. We worked on all the Save The Date invitations for my daughter's wedding, and we went to dinner and they watched Bridesmaids. Enjoy your girl while she is still a girl. haha
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. Absolutely lovely party! Thank you for sharing! Children do grow so fast but I am sure she will remember this party for what it truly was: a gift of love!