February 28, 2012



How can I possibly have failed to devote a post to our hound?

"my left profile dearie"

"and my right"
"clooose uuuup!"
What can I say? He is a chocolate and tan cocker spaniel of the flopsy, slightly camp 'show' variety rather than the hard working 'field' kind. His demeanour vaguely reminds me of Graeme Norton.

We got him as a puppy three years ago. The eyebrows were the clincher.  (His eyelashes are pretty impressive too!)

This is him on his bed in the kitchen, looking improbably shy.

but this is where he likes to be - on the sofa in our sitting room, here wrapped up in faux fur by our concerned youngest when the heating broke!

He loves long walks, parmesan cheese, roast chicken and us, quite possibly in that order. His favourite pastime is rabbit hunting in the Norfolk sand dunes, but he would run howling if he ever came face to face with the burrow owner!


He is easy going and madly affectionate. His flappy ears rotate when he runs and swing rakishly when he looks suddenly to the left or right. He tries to smile and his lip gets kind of hooked up on his tooth on one side and he can't understand why we are crying with laughter. He often looks suprised and often entirely ridiculous. Always the slightly sad, spaniel eyes that melt your heart. He is always up for a cuddle. We simply cannot imagine life without him.


  1. Thoroughly satisfying post on the mysterious puppydawg.

    Rolo. What a honey pie, kinda goof ball, yes?

    Perfect start to my day. Give him a little puppylove from me.

    xo Jane

  2. Spaniels should come free on the NHS. We have had our hand me down tri coloured cocker for about six months now. He is a personality wrapped in a fur coat. He was born on a Welsh farm and is a working variety, although how much work you would have got out if him is debatable. Rollo looks gorgeous, and I love the name. We had to have a hand me down name too "Prince" he is all that his name implies. His hobbies are running in the woods, eating and sleeping.

  3. You've written beautifully about Rolo, Belinda. I can see why you can't imagine living without him. THANK YOU from this dog nut. xo Shelley

  4. He's a beauty. I can say that about him as you said he is of the camp variety. If he were a working sort I'd have said he was handsome but that wouldn't have done him enough justice.

    That pic of him looking shy tickled me and I can picture his ears swirling as he runs. Love how you said he often looks ridiculous. I feel I can relate to that. I know I often look a bit ridiculous. In fact just yeaterday I was out with my dress on backwards and my cardi inside out. I have no idea how that happened other than I dressed in a hurry and my dress looks very similar from the from or the back.

    Thank you for dropping by mine earlier. I've been a bit of a lurker of your blog for a while. I found you through Nicki too. She's a poppet isn't she!


  5. Twój piesek jest kochany i śliczny. Też mam pieska, który bardzo często jest w moich postach ( jest w obecnym ). Pozdrawiam. *** Your dog is loved and pretty. I also have a dog that is very often in my posts (in the present). Yours.

  6. Awwww, so sweet. What a great description of him.

  7. He looks such a character!

  8. Oooh Rolo, it's the perfect name for you, just have to have one.. or two.. absolutely infectious. You have sooo much energy, mind you the country walks you go on are wicked!
    Nice to meet you Rolo!

  9. A round of applause for Rolo and congrats on his first blog post. Belinda he is totally fab. Sinead x

  10. What a wonderful pup! Everyone needs one. Please give a hug and a kiss on the nose from me! or, was that for me?

  11. Oh he's so adorable, especially in that last picture! But I'm a bit biased...

  12. I love you Rolo!

    shhhh, don't tell Boodle!

    Love Sarah -x-

  13. Oooh, Rolo is feeling the love! Thank you for your sweet comments!

    Cuckoo, so with you on the faintly ridiculous feeling - they do say dogs and their owners end up being alike - yikes! Yes, Nicki is utterly fab and feel v lucky to know her in reeeaal life too!

  14. What a sweet looking dog you have Belinda and such a delicious name :-)

    Lieve groet & happy evening,

    Madelief x

  15. Such a sweetheart; uh, you too Belinda.

    I see exactly what you mean by those eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Speaking of beautiful...thank you for recommending 'Miracle Skin Perfector'. I love it and the 'Moisture Rescue'.

    Hand is held high offering to take Rolo on a walkie.

  16. Beautiful post, beautiful hound. We used to keeping working cockers, they're manic. And now we have five whippets and two dachshunds ... crazy times!

  17. SAS, so glad you like the Miracle Skin Perfector, it is absolutely my top cosmetic discovery of the year/decade, and no one is paying me to say so! Just glides on doesn't it and gives some coverage and glow without looking heavy/cakey.

  18. Too cute - I think he'd get on just fine with our springer collie cross, Luna - they look very well matched for energy and (non)sense!

  19. Rolo is so cute! My dog Lucca - also a blog star and with a mum/servant who spends a lot of time making jewellery - sends licks :-)

    Alison x

  20. Aw Rolo!

    The shy boy photo is my fave. Look at those eyebrows and ears. He is truly scrumptious.


  21. Very nice to meet you Rolo! You seem to be very similar in looks and nature to my two pampered cockers, Shelagh and her daughter Minty although a different colourway (Shelagh and Minty are both Blue Roans).

    Spaniels are simply scrummy aren't they - a smile a minute!?

    Lesley x

  22. love your dog, he has the same markings as my daughter's cocker spaniel,