February 27, 2012

spring bulbs in the house

I have  a sudden onset of colour crave-age to coin a new term. I am now impatient for Spring and all the colour it brings. I have poked about in the mud, got the borders ready, hoorahed, it has to be said (as in danced about and had a little Michael Jackson dancey moment in the woodland), for the lovely snowdrops and hellebores, but I NEED MORE COLOUR NOW. please.

While I wait for the flowers of spring to burst into life in my garden, I am getting my colour fix from forced bulbs. You can plant them up in little pots in early winter to enjoy in the frigid months of January and February, or you can simply pop to your local garden centre or nursery and pick them up ready in their pots and about to burst into bud. I do both. Scented narcissi and muscari are my favourites but pots of crocus bulbs and hyacinths (I'm a sucker for the white ones) are lovely too.

At the moment it is all about muscari and narcissi for me. Oh and a few white hyacinths which are filling the house with their scent.

I've jumbled them all up together on a table in our sitting room - perhaps not the most stylish option if you are a three identical pots in a row kind of person, but it is like having an early Spring garden on the table and I love it!

I love the muscari so much I have a few extra pots of them dotted about, easing my colour crave-age! I really like to contrast the daintiness of Spring bulb flowers with slightly tough, quasi industrial looking pots - battered zinc pots, old glass jars, ink wells, vintage tins and this rather chunky concrete pot. It seems to set them off and somehow spring flowers with delicate, flowery vases can all become a little overly ladylike for me, but that is just my taste. :)

Another great thing about little pots of Spring bulbs is that they make easy, inexpensive and lovely gifts, perfect this time of year instead of taking a box of chocs or cut flowers to a friend's for dinner etc. Just plonk the pot in the middle of a square of tissue paper, pull up the paper around the pot and secure with ribbon. Easy peasy.

Giving friends pots of bulbs before they are in flower properly may not make for such a pretty gift to give, but they get to enjoy the whole bud to flower growth which makes it a much more long lasting and satisfying gift I think.

For more gorgeous flowers and sneaky peeks in the homes of other bloggers, head over to the lovely Jane at SmallbutCharming today. xx


  1. Must try the muscari - they are lovely all bunched up that way. And, I can smell the hyacinth from here. What? Oh, it's mine I am smelling!

    You have to know, tho. Yesterday I discovered ... drumroll, if you please .... a stock! two tiny pink blossoms in my soon-to-be-cutting garden! I know you didn't recommend stock, but I have always wanted to grow it, so I added it to the cutting flowers I planted in September. And, it worked! You are inspiration! Can't wait for real spring. I am so happy!!!

  2. You certainly inspired me, I have vessels full of vibrant flowers.
    Love your blog!

  3. Belinda!!! Lovely. I am too scattered to get my own bulbs planted so I also get they ready made and enjoy every moment of their blooms.

    I listened to you re winter and attempted to live in the moment but I too am ready for spring to sprung.

    Your pictures have only wet my appetite.

    xo Jane

  4. Belinda..I am with you on the muscari. I love love love them too. I can see some trying to peak up in the bijou plot - eeeeh! That's me squeeling with excitement. Sinead x

  5. I too am craving color. You have the perfect trio of flowers and color--I could have them in my house forever and not get tired of them.

  6. Beautiful photographs Belinda. I love the zinc pots! Love Linda x

  7. I guess it's time to bring in the spring bulb plants. The muscari is so fragile and tender... so Spring.

  8. Hyacinths always make me think of easter baskets and family. Such a nice assortment you have here!
    xoxox kat

  9. I forced muscari this year, but have managed to grow great long leaves and short flower stalks. What did I do wrong?

  10. Ooh, I love the close-ups of the muscari and narcissi together, what a lovely pairing. The lady who lived in what is now our house for decades before we bought it must have loved them too, muscari (we call them grape hyacinths) spring up everywhere in the backyard, as well as large bright yellow daffodils. Such a delight. But, alas, around here it'll still be many weeks before any of that begins. Thanks for sharing a bit of early spring. What a good idea to get some pots of bulbs for those of us not quite organized enough to force our own. I love the zinc and other rustic containers, too.