March 05, 2012



That was the word I (FINALLY!) chose as my theme for 2012. I dithered for about four weeks and then forgot to post about it, but I think it is a really good word for me to focus on this year.

The thing is I am a great dreamer, a pretty good ideas person but a bit shonky, to be honest, on the action front. I can begin to lose sight of the wood for the trees. I have masses of ideals and hopes and plans, but sometimes they get stuck there and I chicken out of taking the steps to make them happen, or get distracted by my next great plan, the needs of my kids, or, frankly, the next episode of Homeland or whatever. The truth is I am less interested in the details and lazy/scared of the amount of work, organisation or commitment it will take to make my dreams a reality. I do usually get there in the end, but this year I really want to see the pace of progress increase a bit, especially in my little jewellery business. Note I just typed little - see, even now I am giving myself get out clauses of needing to really up the ante!

So ACTION it is.

In my business world:
To actually write down a detailed business plan for the year with achievable but challenging goals
To contact a list of potential galleries and stockists and sell  my jewellery, and the story of it, with passion and conviction
To streamline my collection
To relaunch my webpage
To grow my skill base
To explore the possibilities to achieve ethical supply chain and manufacturing practices
Book some big girl art/craft fairs

In my home life
To take charge of my fitness and sort out my dodgey back problems = swim, swim, swim! plus stretches and weights.
Read to or with my little one every night
more fun cultural trips to London with the kids
more hot dates with my lovely man!

All of these require action rather than the usual musing in the bath of an evening. No more excuses.

Do you have a word you live by each year, would you find it useful?


  1. Action is a wonderful word and one we can all add to our vocabulary - What works for me is to start the projects "if you start it, it gets finished" also if I do not talk about my project beforehand, as that causes inaction and I have devoted too much to it verbally and possibly feat the action part.


  2. My word for this year is 'do' - action in short! I was struck by what you said as I too am very good at ideas, dreaming and procrastinating and also feel it is time to up the ante and start producing. I saw a 'do more, be more' quote which i thought was most appropriate.
    Good luck with the action :)

  3. I'm basically lazy and also shy, so I rely on my deep passions to motivate me and also, my biggest mistakes. I'm kind of a slow learner in the money part of my business and it took some pretty desperate 'dives' to shake me up to pay attention. I tried a business plan once and it just confused me. If I buy flowers I really love and stick to what I do best, I do pretty well.

  4. Good for you! And good luck to you too; I look forward to reading how you get on. I tend to use and re-use "Do it now!" as a way of tackling the constant procrastination, the giving up half way; sometimes it works, and sometimes "Oh sod it!" wins out.....

  5. My head is so full of ideas sometimes I feel as if it will explode and then I get so overwhelmed I can't figure out where to start, therefore inacation.Good luck! I think I will choose the word "shonky".

  6. Hi Belinda,

    When I read your list I think Action is the right word to choose. It will be a busy, but fun year for you! I am not sure which word I would choose.....I have to think about that. Perhaps just "LOVE" :-)

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  7. Kathy in Michigan USA5 March 2012 at 09:58

    I am a great planner & dreamer as well. This year I decided to stop being the girl who says she is writing a novel and start being the girl who is doing it. I made a New Year's Resolution to write something everyday. I've done pretty well with that & can blame the flu for those days missed. So my word for the year is "write". Good luck to everybody.

  8. My word for this year is 'lighter' - it's helped me out of a few holes already!
    That is some action list you have there. When I get overwhelmed by my big list, I ask myself what is the simplest way to do this, and do it - just that first step gets me going. I also find carrots better than sticks! Best wishes for your action year.

  9. Good word, it is so easy when you have a busy life to put the boring stuff on the back burner. My word is flexible, I want my body to keep being able to do stuff and to keep my mind open to all possibilities.

  10. my word is 'relax' in the hope that one day i will be able to!!..three months in and it hasn't happened yet.....
    your helebores are amazing..any tips for stopping the cut ones drooping?..someone said neat gin but in my world that's a damn waste..xx

  11. What a wonderful 'action' plan. I really need to focus more on Mitchell and less on work - the great problem of "working at home" is that it is difficult to leave at the end of the day!

  12. Actions speak louder than words!Best of luck with all your plans.
    As my mum say's "make a plan, but don't hope your plan will go to plan". It has taken me years to understand this.
    Regards Lisa*

  13. Action is a great word and a great word to live by. Mine isn't a word but two phrases, "Say yes more than no" and "If not now then when".

  14. It's a good word, action. I pinched my word for the coming year from Epicurus ... abundance. Loosely translated he said, "It's not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance" ... seems to me like a perfect motto to live by!

  15. Wonderful post! I have to use two words..."limit blogging." As a new blogger, I find myself entranced with all the wonderful ideas floating around out in Blogland. Must get back to painting.

  16. Oh Belinda, I think I have missed one of your posts somehow. I hadn't realised you were contemplating a word for a theme at all but I do think it's a good, motivating word. Perhaps 'observation' should be mine?!

  17. good word. I could do with some of that right now....

  18. You can achieve anything you want (within reason!) if you put your mind, and effort to it. I am sure all your action will pay off.

  19. I'm stealing all your actions. I also need to do every single one!

  20. . That works for my back

  21. Lovely catch up on your blog! My word for this year is restore as in replenish. I have been running on empty.