March 01, 2012

Hello March

On the first of March I always feel that Spring is here, or at least the promise it is just round the corner. So I threw wide the curtains this morning in a fit of hopefulness, and saw, umm, fog. Oh dear.

But, March held true to her promises, and not long after the school run was done, the sun started shining, really blue-sky, squint-your-eyes shining. I grabbed the dog lead, whistled for Rolo, and headed out.

It felt like Spring, baby!

The birds were singing their hearts out. I saw not only a bee but a butterfly. I was quite close to singing all on my own down a country lane. And Rolo's ears were flapping in the breeze bigtime.

I headed to our little patch of woodland and the hellebores were sashaying about in the March sunlight, breaking my heart with their beauty.

The hellebore foetidus (what a vile name!), was looking handsome in its pale green robes.

 There was even a little self sown crocus bathed in a little pool of sunlight in the dappled woodland.

And I could actually smell the earth for the first time this year, that amazing herbaceous tang that means that life is about to burst out of the soil. Happy days!

All this inspired me to celebrate a bit of nature in my metal. Earlier in the week I had put a piece of silver sheet through a rolling mill with a leaf I had picked and pressed last summer. This afternoon I had pierced it using my jeweller's saw. The fine detail pressed into the metal blows my mind, I love it that a real leaf, picked along the riverbank by my house, made the impression. I haven't forged it or polished it yet but I harbour hopes it will become the basis for a pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings.... we'll have to see, but I'd love to see it in recycled silver or gold.

I hope it was spring-like and gorgeous where ever you were spending your day.


  1. That leaf is spectacular, I love the detail in it, no wonder it blows your mind. I think it's great you are using nature for inspiration. Photos are fab too! I had to get up to go to the loo in the early hours and had a quick peek out the window and there was the most amazing clear sky with stars a twinkling but down at ground level quite thick fog. It was very atmospheric and I'd of loved to have been able to capture it with a photo, but there's no way on earth I'm skilled enough to do that, if it's at all possible. Suzy

  2. Amazing that the real leaf made these impressions.
    Your photos are always so beautiful. I so enjoy seeing them.

  3. Hellllllooo Spring! It was lovely over this side of the pond too! Love the photos and whistle while you work springs to mind. Sinead x

  4. Hmmm, after a lovely week so far, I opened our curtains to be greeted by very fine drizzle, which went on all day :-( Kx

  5. It was a beautiful day in the state of Virginia also.

    But we didn't have a leaf turning to silver in these parts.

    Rename: The Alchemist?

    xo J.

  6. Welcome Hellebore loveliness...

  7. I didn't know what hellebores were until I started reading your blog. I think they are now one of my favourite flowers - those are beautiful. Gorgeous photos.

    The leaf will make an amazing pendant. Love it. Your work makes me think of a more sophisticated, contemporary Alex Monroe. (I love Alex Monroe designs.)


    PS At a team meeting yesterday my boss declared the first day of Spring. I hope you and he are right! I'm ready for sunshine and flowers now after a cosy winter.

  8. We shared your weather in Central Virginia, too. A lovely day that we spent tasting wine! Your pictures are breath-taking!

  9. lol you're forgiven :) Well there's always the 110 for extra room ;) but you'd def want one with seats facing forwards as the inward facing seats are a bit sick making for long journeys! Ive had mine just over a year, took her to The lakes. Hard Knott Pass and Wynose Pass was fun!! I used to drive an A6 estate and i def miss the boot space. (But not enough to regret it)I'm angling for a roof rack. That'll scare the fuel consumption! haha!!

  10. Obviously, everything is GORGEOUS.

    I am in love with your rolled leaf. What kind is it??