March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air

We may not quiiite have reached the vernal equinox, but friends, the sap is rising.

No jesting, is there not a contented smile on missus toad's* face? Mister toad, on the other hand looks so totally shattered, he might be on the brink of nodding and then falling off.

Yep, those eyes are closing by the second, and I think she has realised - the blissed out look is being replaced by the "blokes, honestly!" face. No cosy post-coital chat there then, just a thunk as he hits the floor and starts snoring!

*toads or frogs, I'm never quite sure?


  1. She's about to remember the work involved in raising 140 little frog toads! That's wipe the smile off her face!

    Great photo.

  2. Oh my! I love it! Simply wonderful!

    Yes, spring is in the air! Finally - as well here in the Périgord.
    warmest spring-greetings,

  3. Did you take that photo yourself?? It's fab! I love frogs and toads - absolutely love them - but I can't really distinguish between the two. I always think that toads are the fat, knobbly ones. Frogs are kind of smaller, thinner and greener. Is that right?

    Anyway, great photo!

    Nicki xx

  4. Finally a snutty blog.

    You're rocking Spring Belinda.

    xo Jane

  5. I think they must be toads as I have loads of mating frogs and they always mate in the pond and never out of it. Of course I could be totally wrong!

  6. Totally brilliant! (Hope this doesn't come through twice, my laptop has hiccups.)

  7. .....that post was so funny Belinda, absolutely hilarious.

  8. ooooh pornography!!!! I think toads are the little ones and frogs are the big ones, as in bullfrog, etc.

  9. Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa Bless Him!
    Come on son you can do it!
    May be he just needs a kiss(Prince Charming !!)

  10. Mating frogs are obviously the theme for the week because my children found a pair of 'em at it in our garden yesterday. They decided it was a mummy carrying her baby...and I chose not to put them right!!


  11. He did what was required of him...leave the poor chap alone. *stands up for Toad boys.

  12. Is that a look of bliss or resignation??!! love the photos