March 19, 2012

sunshine and a Spring sale

Oh it is such an insanely beautiful day today! Fresh and sunny with kind, mild breezes that tickle and ruffle not the winter meanies that bite my cheeks and chap my lips.

The garden is full of lush new green growth, especially of woodland anemones, lungwort, tulips, narcissi and alliums, all reaching for the skies, even if most of the bulbs are not yet in flower, all that verdant green is giving me HAPPY!

Another thing that I'm loving is that some winter lettuces (Chinese mustard leaves) I planted in the autumn have soldiered on, providing leaves all winter, and look at them now - perky just doesn't do them justice - and they are lovely tasting. I am such a fan of growing salad leaves, they are really what I focus on growing foodwise, along with fresh herbs. There are varieties to take you through the whole year, they are so easy to grow, no maintenance and as you cut,  they just grow back incredibly fast (not true for proper hearted lettuces). AND, you avoid having to buy those overpriced sweaty bags of limp salads at the supermarket. Win win. The only one I have had any problems with is rocket because here it bolts so fast and gets decimated by some kind of pest.

I think my ratherchipperforamondaymorning mood is also because I had a lovely day yesterday, my gorgeous kids all got me adorable/hilarious cards and I was taken out for a delicious lunch, and it was just such a treat to be out with all of them, I am one lucky mama. I am not usually very good at these official days of affection, Valentine's day always makes me feel a bit queasy and sometimes I just think they are about commerce more than genuine feeling, but yesterday I did really feel the love! Finn made me a card at school, and I think they were asked to make a list of nouns they thought described their mums. Some of the ones he wrote cracked me up - 'breakfast-maker' (I am terrible at making weekday breakfasts most of the time, really useless!), 'toy-buyer' (is that a hint, Finn?), t-shirt cleaner,  but most plain melted my heart into a puddle. Tear-wiper, story-teller, heart-giver...sob!! I hope you mums out there felt appreciated yesterday, it is a wonderful but tough job we do.

To celebrate all this Spring-is-here happiness, and also to make way for lots of lovely new stock for Spring/Summer I am having a fabulous nearly-Spring sale in my online jewellery shop - a whacking 30% off all the items labelled 'sale'.  None of these items will be continued so grab 'em while they are still there! The sale will last until the end of the month. The "shop" button is just on the right hand side of the blog. Enjoy! xx


  1. Happy belated Mothering Day to one I'm sure is a wingding of a mother.

    I see the care you give your plants I know it is a 100,000 more for your children.

    Enjoy these days. I am so happy to be able to breathe!

    xo Jane

  2. So glad you had a lovely and funny Mothers' Day. I have a friend who has wonderful red hair and one of her sons addressed her as the Ginger Ninja which she found very amusing.
    K x

  3. Very very sweet! And I had no idea you could grow lettuces all year long...I guess they are quite hardy.

  4. What a great post. I love the sense of your happiness coming off the page.