April 22, 2012

First Wild Acre bouquet of 2012

So here it is. The first Wild Acre bouquet of 2012.

A really sophisticated palette of white, chartreuse and deep plum. Tulipa 'Spring Green" and "Queen of the Night", variegated euonymus, euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae (I think, those euphobia confuse me!), white narcissi in bud and full flower.

Picked from the garden on Friday night between rain showers, conditioned overnight in our carport, and arranged first thing on Saturday morning, collected by my customer at lunchtime. So fresh, the stems squeaked against eachother.

With my hands full of flowers again, I had a distinct twinge of wishing I had a farm and could make a proper living doing this, that I could offer you mail order and make these for brides.

But you know, that would become my whole life, I would have to give it my heart and soul. I'm not sure I have the hunger for that life of utter, driven focus. Maybe I would if I was 23 instead of 43? Who knows. My life seems more diffused, as though my passion is scattered through a kaleidascope of different commitments: our four children who I am determined to enjoy to the full, my learning of the silversmithing craft and creating an indie artistic business from it, the mentoring project I am involved in and a network of precious friends I don't see enough of already. For starters. And for me relationships have always, always taken top priority - in a way that has probably held me back from certain career options. Or, infact, set me free to live the life I was supposed to live, depending how you look at it.

Some of you, I know, lead highly driven, focused lives, achieving dizzying achievements, personalities of fire and passion. Others, like me, more fluid, watery, shifting from one horizon to another, achieving a wonderful width of experience at the expense of less focus. Many like this are travellers and explorers, seeking new places and learning experiences, dipping into different careers and gathering diverse accomplishments. Neither is better or worse, but it has taken time for me to make friends with my way of approaching life and stop comparing myself others. Like those friends who knew they always wanted to be doctors and have become consultants by 35, or become top drawer academics or entrepreneurs with products that grace the pages of glossy magazines, or indeed the kickass floral geniuses that have given the growing and selling of flowers the focused torrent of energy and commitment that leaves me feeling slightly feeble. Very feeble, infact. I have always struggled with comparing myself to others, but I am finally learning that authenticity is the key, leading the life that is uniquely mine, in the way that is also uniquely mine. It is the life I was made for and I am so grateful for every part of it. It is not a cop out though, authenticity, because who wants to be authentically cr*p? Although my tendancy to avoid hard slog is always there, like a louche little gremlin on my shoulder, the fact is there is really no room for a lazinesss in all this because the unforgiving twin goal of authenticity is excellence. Quite a pair. Fun scratching the surface though!


  1. Oh what a wonderful post!

    I have just stopped comparing myself to others, although it is very hard to maintain this in day to day life. I feel happier and more content as a result. My life is mine and I know that if i spend too much time making comparisons and having regrets, then i am not living life to the full. I do know that having love in my life is far more important to me than anything else.

    Your life looks wonderful too, thank you for sharing a slice of it with us. I love your flowers - you are very talented. Take care xx

  2. What a lovely and eloquent description, and I recognize a lot of myself in it which is exactly what I was meant to be. And your bouquet is quite beautiful; love the colors espcially the chartreuse.

  3. ALL of that? So early. I am blown away, as usual. You do beautiful work with both flowers and silver - two gifts, or perhaps two sides of the same gift. Let's face it ... "doing" flowers full time and as your main pursuit would take a huge investment in physical strength, and forever. That is not to say that making jewelry is easy, but it is not so physically demanding and therefore something that you can do at a high level for a lot longer(you know, like in your dotage!).

    Every time I get up off my knees from weeding, my body screams "are you crazy!!" and I just do it for fun.

    So, here's my unasked-for advice: Keep doing both - flowers on a small scale to feed your senses and keep you connected to them, and jewelry on a growing scale as your children need/want! less of your time. you can move into a more fulltime occupation as a silversmith/jeweler if you want, but with a posey or two around. You are lucky to have the choice.

    Your garden continues to be an inspiration. now if the scabiosas will just grow, life here will be complete for the season!

  4. Four Happy Bunnies - thank you so much. Love is what it is ultimately all about, I totally agree.

    Amelia, chartreuse is a killer element, seems to work every time. I agree with you and Sarah Raven on that!

    Webb, I really, really rate your advice you know, you have kind of become a wise voice in my life, have I said that before? You kind of articulate things I instictively feel somewhere but haven't been able to form into clear thoughts! I nod my way through these kind of comments from you, thank you so much for your wisdom and for taking the time.

  5. Thanks, Tess. x ps are you getting this crazy hail up there, it has been bursting out of the sky on and off all weekend - my POOR tulips!

  6. Such a fabulous blog post. I think us women are so guilty of comparing ourselves to others.... perhaps we should all listen in to other people comparing themselves to us, maybe this would help us all appreciate our own uniqueness.
    It's so lovely to see Wild Acre blooms again... looking forward to a beautiful season, in many ways!

  7. We have crazy hail here in the Midlands and I feel so sorry for all the blossoming trees and shrubs and the new spring flowers. I hope yours are ok.

  8. Bravo, Belinda, so well articulated. I wish I had had this wisdom in my own life, as I am only just arriving at it.

  9. Such a beautiful thing. I'm sure you're on the path that's right for you. Good luck.

  10. No mother of 4, with 2 businesses I know (er, that would be none!) could be called lazy. I've been giving thought to the deeper things in life of late, I read a quote that said the things you give the most attention to are the ones that define you. That made me think what they are and are they right? I went to see Joanna Trollope speaking yesterday at the first Chipping Norton Literary festival, and she said we are all of us just muddling along. It is so true, and who would want on their gravestone, she worked really hard at the office?! Btw, devine flowers, magically mixed.

  11. Moments of introspection do us no harm at all, however I am ten years older than you and can say hand on heart that I am only now coming to grips with who I really am, settling in to the notion and not trying to be like someone else.

    Glimpses of your life on this blog reveal a way of life that some could only dream about, cherish it to the full.

    The flowers are exquisite.

  12. from another watery one...Hmmmm, yes and I know and hmmm you're right.I had the crazy, bonkers jet-set career and then gave it all away so that I could remember me...and so I did...

    Sarah -x-

  13. I think the problem with you, lovely Belinda, is that you seem to be utterly outstanding at everything you turn your hand to. I admire your talents so much.

    This bouquet is yet another that I am coveting!! Oh, how I wish you lived closer so I could order one a week!!


  14. Oh you're so clever - that is the most beautiful bouquet and one that I would just LOVE. Queen of the night is my utter favourite tulip too. Keep on doing what you can do and as much as you can do and keep the balance as you are. in your life. X

  15. Beautiful bouquet. Sophisticated indeed. I wonder what constitutes sophistication? I agree with you, but it makes me think.

  16. Ah, comparing our insides with others outsides. Always a losing game. I know I've played it.

    If I listened to the "if only"voices I would never get out of bed.

    You seem to have created a rich life tapestry with just the right amount of color and heft. Children, flowers, jewelry design/build, a beautiful house, loving relationships,a way with words and a sense of humor.

    Revel in it,it's yours. And we love you for it!

    xo Jane

  17. One can have only so many loves to devote themselves to...

    Love the bouquet--colors are gorgeous.

  18. Hello Belinda. You made such a beautiful bouquet, subtle and elegant.
    I also really connected with what you said about your life. I always feel I am 'a jack of all trades and a master of none' but I do truly believe that I have made the right choice to share myself and my energies with my urchins and beloveds and not only to focus on a set and single path.I could only have done that to the detriment of them. I simply haven't got it in me to be a super woman!
    Thank you for your thoughts and writings. Jane xx

  19. I've arrived a little later than you at a similar wisdom and no longer berate myself for my lack of ambition and my focus on family. But the comparing thing, that I struggle with still. And the striving for excellence, that's a killer too. Maybe we watery ones are more driven than we think?

    Fabulous post Belinda, thank you :D

  20. Belinda, thank you for this post. I have just written a post lamenting those very things that you have learnt not to let get to you. The universe really is speaking to me today.

    Thank you.

  21. oh!I am 43 too. Inspiring post & flowers.

  22. Exquisite as always, Belinda. I love the subtle palette of this arrangement. And, as for life's choices,when it comes down to it, I think it's always relationships that are the important thing. Even though I am a wandering spirit right at the moment, I try to keep life balanced, and you seem to have achieved that.