April 19, 2012

my creative space

Those wide open Norfolk vistas are still playing themselves in my mind.

The colours and the smell of salt and sea lavender on the wind. And the honey scent of a way-side plant growing along every lane.

Empty, clean stretches of coast seem a luxury in our overcrowded island, and I can never resist filling my pockets with sea tumbled shells and stones to remind myself of the sea when I head back inland.

These wonderful textures, and the gentle, warm colours...I think they are going to find their way into some jewellery designs, along with those gorgeously curvy tide lines in the wet sand and the wiry dune grass.

In the meantime, my botanically inspired collection is nearly ready for the shop, more of that in another post but here is a little taster!

I'm taking them to a handmade market on Saturday, so it will be really interesting seeing how people respond to them. If we're not washed away in predicted rainstorms! :/


  1. It is hard to describe how different Norfolk is from my landscape of green and hills and yet your huge skies are as beautiful to me as my folded and wooded hills. Lovely.

  2. Oh those photos are gorgeous. Absolutely love the wet sand/starfish shot - so brings to mind the whole essence of the beach. I could look at that photo for ages.

    So can we expect a 'shoreline' collection from the Wildacre jewellery bench in the near future? Very exciting.

    Good luck at the fair - I'm certain that your creations will go down well! Are you displaying with actual dried leaves too? I think it makes them more special to know exactly how you made them.

    Nicki xx

  3. I can't wait to see if you make some seashell textured jewelry! I'm sure it would be beautiful!

  4. Love your earrings! So glad things are moving along well for the business, but sure do miss your garden.

  5. The pictures spoke so much to me of having time to just be. I confess I live quite near the sea but do not always take the 'time' to just spend time there enjoying! LOved the earrings you made ...would like to see more! Joan

  6. totally beautiful photos, you can't fail to feel inspired x