April 25, 2012

Tulips as light-catchers

So here we are in the second week of wall to wall rain, the sky the shade of an elephant's behind and light levels to make one weep. Mustn't moan too much though because apparantly the south west has full on gales today and enough rainfall in the next 48 hours to exceed the entire month's average. Blimey. Dought then deluge, it is feeling biblical in Herts I tell thee!!

In the fleeting moments when the rain halts, and the sun makes a too-brief hello, I have been leaping outside to walk the dog, potter around the squelchy garden and take a few photos to remind myself that the sky is not always leaden.

The photo taking has made me realise something about tulips. They are valiant splashes of colour when the sky is full of cloud, but when the sun shines they make me go slightly weak at the knees. Really. It is all I can do to stop myself trying to climb inside - lucky little tulip fairies! It is something about the cupped shape, I think, that holds the light and seems to amplify it a heart-stoppingly beautiful way. Infact, they seem to play with the light as much as contain it, and when a cloud passes over, the light seeps out like a retreating tide and the magic is gone.

The pale coloured tulips look stunning,

but it is the warm orange, yellow and red ones that really seem to hold the sunshine between their petals  like something from a Greek myth. Poppies can do this too, I guess it is the thinness of the petals and the open cupped shape?

Am I getting hopelessy carried away and poetic? Probably, but take a gander at these pics, as amateur as they are, and tell me there is not something thrilling and other worldly almost about that flowery light-holding! I hope they brighten your day if it is as gloomy outdoors with you as it is here today where the barn is actually creaking in the wind and the rain is lashing sideways on the windows. Enjoy a bit of tulip light therapy...


  1. Just what I needed in a very stressful day. A moment of glorious calm and beauty.

  2. These are yummy enough to tempt me away from pink and to the green/white ones. wow!

  3. They are stunning! Names please, names!

  4. Tulip therapy.
    Now there's a thought...

  5. You are totally spot on about tulips and your pics capture your poetry perfectly. Smiling now despite the miserable grey weather and the fact that I haven't quite thawed out after 18 holes of freezing wet golf this morning!!

    Lesley x

  6. Love love love the lime and white tulips!
    I'd bring a bunch inside.

    It's raining here today and the flowers in the garden are like little beacons of joy.

    Hope that your week is going well.

  7. Stunning photos. That last one particularly looks like it is lit up from inside! xx

  8. I fall in love with tulips more with each year as I add more varieties to the garden. They come in such incredible colours and shapes. Just beautiful!

    Raining non-stop here too ....


  9. thank you for sharing the tulip therapy xx

  10. Beautiful tulips. Those colors surely bring a sunny smile to a cloudy day. I know that they did for me. Thank you.

  11. I am revived!

    Yes the weather, world wide, has biblical overtones.....

    We better start doing this differently me thinks.

    xo jane

  12. And we are getting a little much needed rain when the normal is constant, sigh, we always complain. Never happy-- until you look at a tulip. I'm smiling.

  13. stunning shots...
    tulips are real scene stealers...yet, so short lived

    Linda :o)

  14. I do love fleeting moments and what wonderful ones you have captured.

    Have a fab weekend and you must tell me how you get on, on your course. I can't seem to find any down here.

    Have fun,

    Nina xxxx

  15. Ooh, names, yikes, I have lost the labels - useless! The white ones are 'Spring Green' and the amazing apricot ones are 'Apricot Beauty' and the pink and white are 'Holland Chic'. I am not so sure about the bright red one, is it 'tres chic red'?