April 20, 2012


I have had a few bloddies wondering where all the wild acre flowers have gone recently. It has been a few posts since I blogged the flower love, and I can only blame a spring drought and then prolonged deluges of rain and even hail, that has created a rather ragged looking plot! And a busy time at the workbench getting a new jewellery collection made. Yadda yadda.

 This is usually the moment in the year that the tulips and narcissi are outcompeting eachother to steal my heart. A lot of them this year are smaller than I would expect, and certainly much shorter which I blame on nearly six weeks of no rain, and others have icky looking petal damage and even rot due to over a week of continual downpours. Boo to the British weather! But enough excuses, here are some Wild Acre tulips to make the heart sing!

I really love planting tulips in snaking, river-like swathes rather than stiff rows or dotted about. A river of tulips. Bliss out. Always plant enough that you can pick a few to enjoy indoors without ruining the display. Another reason to eschew rows.

The 'Spring Green' tulips look lovely, but perhaps not as lush as last year.

keepin' it real with the footie goal in the background!

These tulips are going in my first bouquet of the season, I'll post a pic tomorrow. It is always strange doing the first one each Spring, I wonder if my hands will remember what to do! The buckets have been scrubbed and the tulips have just been picked along with some foliage, and they will drink away in the cool carport all night before being whipped up with some raffia and brown paper in the morning.

It was great wandering around the garden, secateurs in hand, feeling that the growing season has really started despite the squelchiness underfoot. The white narcissi ('Thalia', 'Silver Chimes', "Geranium' and 'Actea' - all stupendous), are sadly too soggy to sell, so I have been enjoying the last of their glory in the garden instead. Gorgeous they are!

Have a wonderful weekend. xx


  1. Just beautiful Belinda! I will remember 'your snake/river of tulips'. What a great way of planting.

    Never seen the green tulip before. They look really special.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  2. so beautiful belinda. there is just something about the delicate tulip that takes my breath away. and if i ever find room to plant them i'll def snake them. what a great idea!

  3. It all looks lovely, and I am so happy to see it. With our hot spring all tulips are long gone and the peonies ready to pop open - perhaps this weekend! glad you're "back"! xoxo

  4. It hasn't been a great year for tulips. Most of mine have been battered by the rainy weather and the ones in tubs hardly flowered at all. Love the ones in the first pictures, and the beach photos in your last post were beautiful. xx

  5. your tulips look lovely and the garden looks so green and fresh after all the rain x

  6. Bloddies!! haha funny x Very pretty tulips too :)

  7. I love tulips! I have gone for orange and red and deep mahogany this year.

  8. Can you hear my heart singing?

    Spring at wild acres, all is right with the world if not the weather.

    We picked our first peony yesterday and lily of the valley and iris.

    xo Jane

  9. Madelief, thanks! I think little streams of tulips through your allotment garden would be magical! The greenish tulip is called 'Spring Green' and widely available. Your wonderful country must be ablaze with tulips right now?

    Janet, I agree, that shape is so beguiling!

    Webb, here I am, flowers in hand!

    Serendipity, this Spring has really taken its toll, hasn't it. But I'm glad for the rain, really.

    Tess, at last, it was looking crazily parched.

    Claire, blaming Nicki at homebirdblog for that one!;)

    Elizabeth - wow a lovely sounding combo, I have some bright red tulips all alone in a little flower bed, I'll plant some buddies for them in the autumn and am tempted to copy your colour scheme if that is ok?

    Jane, you are so far ahead of us! Still my tulips are consoling me for now! x

  10. Here on the west coast of Scotland - usually known for its rain - we are having sunshine, all day gardening and eating outside!! The tulips have been stunning - there is nothing like them for a blast of strong colour. Your black stained barn(?) looks very like my house! Wishing you some good weather very soon..

  11. I am wondering why this post has only now shown up in my reader? I thought it was a little late for Tulips!

  12. I've always been a huge fan of tulips as a flower. I think this is partially due to my mother growing them every year.