April 03, 2012

Wild Acre Jewellery website news

If I was a truly organised person I wouldn't be writing this post, nor would I if I was a hard-hitting business woman or a perfectionist.

Truth is I am an enthusiast. I get excited and impatient and I love sharing good (and, I suppose,  not so good) news as it happens.

The thing is, I have a new jewellery website and I can't really wait to have all my ducks in a row to share it with you.  I should really have a "ta daaaa" moment when my new spring/summer jewellery collection is all ready and in my shop, which it isn't yet. And when my infomation pages are all polished and complete. But we're friends, right? And friends share stuff with eachother, so I'd love you to have a look-see, and in the next few weeks I will keep you updated on when the new pieces are in stock.

I knew the Wild Acre webpage needed bringing up to date and to become a Wild Acre jewellery site alone. I am still, of course, in love with my garden and flowers generally and cut flowers particularly, but my selling of them is resolutely local and small-scale - I have neither the land nor the nerve to do weddings and mail-order so it will never become a living for me, just a real joy to provide flowers for our home and for local friends and flower shops in the summer. So having a flower section on my webpage was not really needed since I can only provide flowers to people living a few miles from me -  at worst it was confusing, and I hate telling people who bother to enquire that I don't do weddings/funerals/mailorder etc.

Also, to be taken seriously as a jeweller, I needed a dedicated website. I hope what you find looks professional but also personal to my style and vision - you will see that it fits in closely with the style of my blog here. The wonderful Lina Bronson, a Swedish graphic designer living in London helped me with the html geekery, webhosting, and styling - she is the most helpful, unflappable and efficient web wizard you could ever wish to find. True to the Scandinavian stereotype she manages to combine utter competence with a totally relaxed attitude. I have also found someone who likes grey and white as much as me so clearly we are best friends for evah.

Please click here to see the new wildacredesigns.co.uk. Go on, have a butcher's! Any feedback is really (as in reeeeaaaally!) welcome.


  1. It's just perfect as far as I can see. Truly impressive. Looks great! ...and finally "WOW!" x

  2. I just took a look at your new website, and I'm very envious! Stylish, sophisticated and beautiful - good luck with it. x

  3. Well done Belinda! Your website is really easy to navigate and informative but concise. It looks very chic in monochrome. Great to see you new work laid out on the 'collections'page. No constructive critisism at all - sorry, but it is a super site.
    K x

  4. That's a big step - and in the right direction. It's growing every day and heading in a good direction. What more could you want? well, maybe more time!

  5. it looks wonderful, incredibly professional and stylish. the only thing I found a little confusing was the link back to the blog which is labelled wildacreflowers, which I know is your blog name but newcomers to site might not.... just a thought. love the new lines of jewellry too, cant wait to see more x

  6. There seem to be a few problems with commenting on Blogger today, *bear with!!* Bx

  7. Just had a look at your shop Belinda. I am impressed! It looks really stylish and proffesional. Love your work too. Looking forward to see more!

    Happy Easter to you and your family,

    Madelief x

  8. Thank you for sharing the link so that we could have a peep. The website looks wonderful. Your work is fab - I am going to drop some big hints to my husband and share the website link with him!! Wishing you lots of success xx