May 24, 2012

I heart cow parsley!

It is suddenly beautiful summer weather after weeks of gloom and the garden is leaping skyward in front of my eyes, and the weeds have gone beserk.

I am not spending nearly enough time out there because June is shaping up to be a really busy month for me on the jewellery front. Which is a happy thing of course. But I am missing my garden and hope to get some good garden dirt in my fingernails this weekend, which promises to be sunny they say - whoop!

I am in the middle of preparing a mini-collection of my botanics jewellery to go to the wonderful Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge and it means many hours at the jewellery bench, hence the sparsity of blogposts and lack of time to visit your lovely blogs at the moment, for which I am sorry and can't wait to have a huge catching up session with a cup of tea and the ipad in the garden! Possibly in the hammock.

After a solid four hours this morning, sawing, soldering and polishing, I headed off down the lanes with Rolo, to clear my head and stretch my limbs.

It wasn't half looking good out there - May in all its zingy green and frothy white freshness. The cow parsley is dancing down every verge and footpath, how I love it! It is so airy and elegant, I have a weakness for umbels!

 and the hawthorn always looks its most beautiful in May (hence common name of May tree).

 Even the pesky dandelions were looking pretty, they are a menance in my garden, but I can appreciate their looks along a field margin.

More of the garden and the jewellery in posts at the weekend I hope, but here is wishing you all a gorgeously sunny one at last. xx


  1. Belinda! these pictures are excellent. If you decide to dump jewelry... be a photographer.

  2. I love it too! My children pick it for me on the way home from school. I hope that's nbot illegal... ;-)

    It's so pretty. I keep meaning to put huge sprays of it in a lovely vase.....


  3. I love cow parsley too; such a pity it doesn't cope well with being placed in a vase.... (unless you know something that I don't that stops the water from going stagnant in hours?)

  4. I was wondering where you had disappeared to, good to see all the froth and hear silvery news. Enjoy the sun, Ax

  5. What lovely photos. I also {heart} cow parsley. I always think the lanes around us look set for a country wedding at this time of year and look amazing. It is also the one time of year I am sooooo glad I live in England.

  6. A very pretty post, Cow Parsley is gorgeous, as is the May and the Dandelirons - as my daughter used to call them.

  7. I can see some is there too. I've just come from a swim in the sea. Still freezing but it is coming!

  8. Hi

    Looking forward to seeing the new collection Belinda, I adore your jewellery, it is so my style.

  9. the hedgerows are just wonderful at the moment aren't they...and your photographs are beautiful..have a lovely weekend..

  10. Another cow parsley fan here! These are wonderful images Belinda, I must take my camera with me on tomorrows walk and emulate you.

    So pleased for you that your jewellery business is taking off right now x

  11. Cow parsley is my new love. I have just discovered that the early blooming thin stemmed stuff doesn't smell of wee! Hurray!

    Gosh I love blogging for opening my eyes to these things.


  12. ....and sigh.

    Such gorgeous pictures Belinda - I love the first one with the gate.

    I wish we lived a tad bit closer to the countryside so we could enjoy all the frothy goodness that nature has to offer at the moment.

    Happy May....soon to be June.

    Nina xxx

  13. That's great news about your jewellery. And thankyou for that 5 minutes of escapism through cow parsley!

  14. Webb, awww, thank you, I really have been bitten by the photography bug, another thing blogging has given me!

    Sarah, beware it does shed pollen like mad indoors. I am thinking of you so much at the moment, especially in this heat, your bubba must be nearly ready to meet the world! xx

    Rachel, milton fluid, just a few drops usually does a good job for that, as does leaving the stems in a big bucket of water first, so some of the gunk gets out of the stems before arranging? Might work?

    Alison, thanks! I am reallllly enjoying the sun, what a weekend!

    Daisyley, it is the loveliest time of the year here I agree. But other seasons have their good aspects too, no?

    Toffeeapple, how cute! love littleperson-speak!

    Pet, a swim in the UK? You are brave!

    Lisa, thank you so much, great to hear you love it, will do a post next week.

    M and M, thank you, I have had a lush weekend, working in the garden, chilling in my hammock and hanging out with my family, my favourite kind of weekend! Hope you have had a good one too?

    Annie, thank you so much, the nice thing about taking the camera along is it makes you look so much closer doesn't it?

    Cuckoo, I wonder if it was hogweed you were picking before? It has a toxic sap that later one.

    Nina, but you have the sea and the beach and we are all v envious of that! Is there cowparsley by your allotment?

    Emma, thank you and my pleasure!

  15. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via blgolovin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

  16. SImply beautiful photos Belinda.......

    Claire :}