May 06, 2012


I'm full of headcold, wearing a mountain of cosy clothes, scarves and woolly socks and wondering how it is that we have fire blazing in the woodburner and has been colder this weekend than it was on Christmas day - what the what?! :/

Anyway I thought I'd tell you about where I was last saturday since it was a good deal more interesting than a low-down on my snuffles!  I was on a photography day course with the lovely (really LOVELY!) Nicki from Homebird blog. Have you popped over there - it's a fab blog, and if you like fashion and craft and funny stories about life in an English cottage, it will definitely float your blogboat. It is also most probably the only place you are likely to read about leather leggings and granny square crochet projects in the same post!   I am lucky enough to know her in real life, and both having been given our first dslr cameras for Christmas we decided we needed a bit of a helping hand getting beyond the auto settings. We certainly had a hoot trying to listen sensibly to the lectures and slide shows (which were excellent), and then putting all the information into practice in the glasshouses of the beautiful Luton Hoo estate gardens. We both bought emergency Lindt chocolate to aid the energy levels and concentration. We think alike, Homebird and I! :)

It was actually a really great course, full of relevant information about how to begin properly understanding the mechanics and settings of our cameras, and how to start experimenting with all the different options affecting aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, white balance etc - terms which I knew about but failed to properly understand enough to manipulate artistically with any confidence. I am not a machine person, even less an instruction manual gal, so this was incredibly useful.

I got me thinking, learning new skills at every stage of life - it is incredibly life enhancing isn't it? I have no intention of stopping now, it is part of living life to the fullest don't you think? It has been a fantastic  and unexpected suprise that the forties, (if, like me, you had kids quite young and didn't go back to full time work), suddenly presents a life gear-shift, when you no longer have young kids at home all day and suddenly have the physical and mental space/energy to resume work or try a new direction. A lot of friends are at this stage and it is exciting to see the budding entrepreneurs emerging with wonderful small business ideas. Perhaps the economic climate is sharpening this creativity, who knows?  Have you started learning something new, or exploring a skill you didn't know you had? I'd love to know, I'm nosy like that!;)

Here are a couple of pics from the day, sadly none of Nicki, not even holed up at the pub afterwards, too busy nattering to remember to take any!

Although the weather is STILL decidedly 'bleugh', I hope you all have a relaxing rest of the bank holiday weekend. xx


  1. Hi Belinda

    Hope you feel better soon. Super photography and a great skill to expand upon. Well Done You!

  2. Hope that cold shifts soon.

    Ah, the joys of shallow depth of field and bokeh await. Loving the blossom pic. Have fun :D

  3. Your course sounds exciting Belinda! We will see the results for ourselves on your blog :-)

    Hope you will feel better soon. Take care!

    Madelief x

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Lovely photographs

  5. Come back currant bun!
    Lucky you ~ a) the camera b)the course and c)lovely mates to learn with.
    Gorgeous pictures so it must be working...hope you are feeling lots better Belinda,

    Sarah -x-

  6. I love the sound of your course - need one myself! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Yes yes yes we must increase our busts. Or our horizons.

    You alraedy have such an eye for photography it will be exiting to see what you can do with a little learnin'.

    xo Jane