June 18, 2012

dog roses, school fetes and jewellery shows

Wowzas, this June is a whirl wind, so this is just a quick round up of a few of last week's highlights.

First up, something so simple, so beautiful  and in abundance where ever there is a native hedgerow - the rambling dog roses are in full flower at the moment and they are bringing a big ole grin to my face every time I walk the hound. Deep pink, shell pink, white, all tumbling over the hedgerows.

Just. So. Exquisite.

At the weekend I took bouquets to sell on a flower stall at my youngest's school summer fair. It was fun but exhausting in that strange, headachey way that these otherwise rather sweet primary school events are. There were just enough peonies and alliums to make the bouquets a wow!

On sunday, I left my clan to celebrate father's day without me because I had won tickets to the jewellery fair Treasure, at Somerset House in London.

Somerset House was looking pretty spiffy, and I had a lovely walk from the tube at Covent Garden down to The Strand to get there, walking through theatreland on my way. I have a real soft spot for that area of town, always have done, so much history soaked into those Seven Dials cobbles and so much creativity at every turn.  I am rather blown away by the fact my thirteen year old has just got through auditions to perform in a one-off performance at Her Majesty's Theatre in the Haymarket, can't quite believe I'll be back next month to see her tread the boards in the same theatre as Phantom of the Opera and the original Westside Story. I'll be one proud mama!

Back to the Jewellery show, it was huge, rather overwhelming but full of 'Treasures' as promised. My tickets had come from Amanda Coleman and her pieces were a feat of intricacy and whimsical design. Some of the components are so small she said she attaches them together by feel as much as sight - amazing technical skills and such pretty pieces. 

Other favourites were actually in the ajoining Goldsmiths' exhibition. 

Mirri Damer is my jewellery design heroine - her work is everything I would like mine to be - original, captivating, balanced in weight and composition, tactile and technically precise. Just fabulous, and I would definitely cite her as one of my greatest influences, design-wise.

Eileen Gatt's work was new to me and I was drawn to her cool, almost nordic palette of blues, greys and greens and her luscious use of brushed silver and gold and again a lovely tactility. Just look at these cups...

I can't imagine ever being able to afford to buy a piece myself, but Polly Wales's gold and gemstone jewellery was a real eye-opener to me, highest end work without any blingtastic element, just beautifully textured jewellery, softly finished pieces of exquisite skill and innovation.

 She uses a unique casting procedure where the stones are cast with the metal, I don't understand it but the resulting pieces almost look like the metal and gemstones grew together organically rather than being set. Astounding.

A dose of inspiration is so energising, which is a good thing because this week I have my first  Wild Acre Private Viewing. Eek! See you on the other side. xxx


  1. Dear Belinda,

    Beautiful rambling roses Belinda! Happy to hear your flower sale at your childrens school was such a success. The jewellery fair sounds interesting too. I like the work you show us. Very different in style, but equally beautiful.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  2. You had quite the week! The roses are so beautiful, light and airy; they have a bit of the butterfly in them. The jewelry show must have been such a treat, these are exquisite; I've also seen yours and they are quite exquisite also. Happy week!

  3. It really does look like a busy time, really excited about your private view - look forward to reading all about it!

  4. I like your flower photos. I do nature photographs a lot.

  5. Gorgeous photos - going back to have a look at them again. Those dog roses look beautiful and your photos from your walks with Rolo always remind me to keep my eyes peeled when I walk our pooch.

    My little cutting patch is starting to grow but I'm really annoyed with myself for starting so late. I am totally preparing for Autumn and have decided to fill the whole yard area next year with flower beds. Have decided to pull up a whole load of nasty patio blocks and create a little cutting garden. There is nowhere near me to buy the type of flowers that I want so I'm going to darn well grow them myself for next year. I've caught the bug! :-)

    Lots of luck for the private viewing but I know it will be an enormous success. Eeek! Stay calm, sista! :-)

    Nicki xx

  6. Wild roses, Just the ingredient I am collecting to make Rose Petal Jam, Watch this space!

  7. Hope your viewing goes well. love the roses, too.

  8. Your gorgeous photos almost make up for the fact that I couldn't be at Somerset House to see them... And those flowers...

    As an aside, I've nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger award - my latest blog post is all about it! x

  9. Dog roses have been in the existence for many years. This flower has been clicked from all the angles and looks so amazing. A must read post indeed.