September 15, 2012

A personal one...

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." 

Harold Thurman

This quote has been burning away in my soul for over a year. I sort of catch my breath a bit when I remember it, in the way you do when you hear truth, simply told. And more and more, it is leading me to a place where I want to commit my energies to doing the things that make me come alive, I suppose to live authentically in the purposes I was made for. These things aren't always easy or totally pleasurable, they often require huge amounts of graft and determination, but they are fuelled by that undeniable excitement that comes from doing something you love and really believe in. So. I have written a list of the core things that make me 'come alive', the things that I believe I was created to do, to explore, to achieve. It makes them real, seeing them on paper.  I am out of my comfort zone creating my Wild Acre business, but it all makes so much more sense when I start to hone what it is about the flowers and the jewellery that really make it feel exciting and different and 'me' . The excitement, I guess the 'fire' starts feeling greater than the fear. There are also aspects of my personal life that don't make it onto the blog much, particularly a mentoring project I am involved in, that are part of the picture. It is illuminating and inspiring and I am trying not to be scared to think big. I kind of wish I had done this twenty years ago, but it seems I didn't have the inclination. Perhaps I was just too busy living in the moment, which is not such a bad thing.

And you  know, I really don't think all this is abject navel-gazing, because taking the steps to make these things reality, is doing what the world needs, it really is, for each and every one of us. It is so easy for the years to fly by in a daze of busyness and exhaustion, punctuated if we are lucky with two weeks holiday each summer, without ever really getting to grips with what we are here for. Isn't it? For me, I find examining these truths are a way closer to the God I believe in, because for me, these purposes are Divine. Many of you will not agree, which is totally fine.

And of course, I get that we all have to do the humdrum, to pay the bills and get on with things we don't love to do but are necessary in a practical sense. But in every life there should also be room for passion, for 'coming alive'. To step out of the fear of failure that snaps at your ankles and dilutes your dreams, conquer the fear of going against the flow and taking a risk or two, and grasp with both hands those things that make us catch our breath with excitement. Don't you think?


  1. Oh gosh. Yes. Yes, I do think! I agree so whole-heartedly and yet it's so scary too isn't it? I'm left slightly unsure of what it actually is that makes my heart beat faster and oh-so-afraid that trying might reveal utter failure!

    I needed to read this right at this moment. I was so tempted to give up on a project I've been working on because I thought others might have attempted something similar. BUT, if I'm doing it because I love it and because it makes me come alive it's worth it isn't it? Thank you! xxx

    1. It is so scary, and easy to think you are some how mishearing what it is that you should be doing. But we do know I think, really, deep down. I don't think failure really matters in some ways, it is how we get there, where it takes us, the lessons we learn, the people we connect with on the way. 'Least, that is what I am slowly discovering! And we can take small steps towards our dreams at the beginning, we can change course if we need to, tweak and adjust, very little is cast in stone....but those first little steps take courage. And people you deeply respect, people who love you and are wise, they are likely to tell you if you are doing something barmy? xx

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  3. Such a fabulous quote! I agree with all you say - each of us is unique with a mix of talents, passions, skills and abilities enabling us to enrich the lives of people and the world around us and (I hope) leave it a better place.

  4. If we don't sweat and strain and scramble up, against all odds, we won't get to see the view. Right?

    Okay, dammit, I'll keep climbing!

    Beautifully written and absolutely true.

    xo jane

  5. Nice and interesting quote. Makes me ponder...

  6. I don't quarrel with anything you say. I am actually at the very beginning of a transition from a job that has to do with "what the world needs" to doing something that I love and that will not leave me sick with anger at the end of every day.

    I would just add that you can do what makes you come alive without forgetting entirely about what the world needs. In my opinion, the state of the world has a lot to do with our ability to do those things that excite us.

  7. What a beautiful, thoughtful post. It resonates with me, especially now as I try to decide where to go from here, how my life can best be lived and give the greatest pleasure and satisfaction, both to myself and to those I care about. Thank you

  8. such an eloquent post Belinda x

  9. I absolutely agree. There have been several times this year when common sense and moments of self-doubt would have had me give up on my business as a project that was fun but ultimately unsuccessful. What stops me again and again from doing something "more sensible" is the belief deep-down that, precisely because it makes my soul sing, it HAS to work. And actually, even if you look at it rationally, you tend to work harder and show more commitment if something makes you come alive, so maybe it's pretty sensible after all! J x (PS Coming your way at the end of October. Fancy meeting up?)

  10. I agree. There have been several times this year when common sense and moments of self-doubt would have had me give up on my business as a lovely idea but one which ultimately failed. What kept me going, though, is the belief that, precisely because it makes my soul sing, it HAS to work. And actually, you tend to work harder at and show more commitment to something that makes you come alive, so maybe it makes sense after all! J x (PS Coming your way end of October. Fancy trying to meet up?)

  11. very encouraging quote and it is indeed true.
    your dried seed photo has simple beauty.

    i am glad to came across your blog. thanks for