September 06, 2012

Two of my favourite things, beautiful light... and baked cheesecake!

Early September is wielding its magic with the weather at the moment -  day after day of clear blue skies, golden light and warm afternoons. It is difficult to describe the quality of the light, but it is soft and warm  and seems to softly weave itself around everything like a halo.

The local meadows are hazy with light that catches the seedpods and tall grasses

and in the garden the mornings and evenings are hazy and heavy with the scent of lavender and the last of the late sweet peas.

And since we are enjoying an Indian summer it seems only right to make the most of the last of the season's raspberries - let summer live a little longer and put off the pears and plums and blackberry crumbles for another week or so. Our daughter loves to bake. I love that she loves to bake. Her latest offering knocked our socks off - it was an unctously creamy baked cheesecake and I can't recommend it enough as a delicious and decadent pud. With the addition of ripe summer berries it really feels like the perfect letspretenditisstillsummer treat. It is simple to make and can be made the day before it is eaten, so perfect for a celebration. And a few days of unbroken sunshine in Blightly is definitely cause for celebration! Yum!

It is mainly velvety and vanilla-ry, slightly wobbley in the middle with those little patches of sticky chewiness at the edges (and more-ish, slightly drier texture where the heat has baked the outside edges more), sooooo good! You could add a sprinkling of icing sugar and a slick of single cream, but it doesn't really need it.

The recipe is here, but Izzi used ginger biscuits instead of digestives for the base and it was delish.

A lovely weekend treat - enjoy! xx


  1. September light is my favourite of the year and you've captured it beautifully here. And yum, that cheesecake looks amazing! x

  2. Oooh how wonderful this looks. I am sorely tempted for a special treat next time my daughter comes for the weekend. Fantastic. And your photographs of the seeds and pods and lovely season appropriate mists are as ever, gorgeous. x

  3. Belinda, it looks wonderful. I may screw up my courage and convert to American measures and try it. But, i do have a question ... what are the cookies for the crust. "Digestives" means nothing to me. Are we talking a simple vanilla-flavored cookie, perhaps something a bit like shortbread? Do you have Walker's - they sort of claim to be Scottish, I think. Or, maybe what we call "vanilla wafers" - a rather dry vanilla cookie (ok, you call them biscuits, I do know that) that crumbles easily and can be combined with a butter to make a crumbly crust that is pressed into a springform pan. thanks!!

  4. Smaller Bean learnt how to work the toaster today. Age 4 I think it is pretty good going seeing we have one with dials and a lever. I am now hoping she swiftly moves on to puddings...
    Amazing photos, Ax

  5. Hey Belinda, beautiful photos and words and oh that cheesecake, looks delicious.
    How wonderful that your daughter loves to bake...

    CLaire :}

  6. The grasses are spectacularly lovely...

  7. Hi Belinda, please can you tell me what the flower in the sixth picture is called? It's fab!

    Webb, I think graham crackers are pretty much the same as digestives.

  8. You take such wonderful photos. I so want to roam your fields and have a wonderful snack!

  9. I must give that cheesecake recipe a go....I am drooling at your wonderful description...velvety, vanilla-ry, more-ish...sooo good!
    Fab photos as always,
    Julie x

  10. Those grasses look so very pretty Belinda! And your cheecake....mmmm

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  11. Ooh, yum!

    I know exactly what you mean about the September light. I captioned a photo I'd posted on my blog with a quote from Wordsworth that perfectly expresses it for me.

  12. How I love cheesecake - and using ginger biscuits is a mark of pure genius! Yum!