October 09, 2012


I don't often write posts about pretty design stuff I find on the internet, I figure there are so many blogs who do that well and I suppose I generally prefer reading about people who are doing creative things themselves, so I find myself writing as I like to read, if you see what I mean?

But I would love this blog to showcase some really special finds now and again, and whilst I realise it will be design that I love but that may not be your cup of tea, it will all be beautifully handmade by artists running their own creative businesses, which is interesting whether you'd be tempted to buy it or not, right? I'm hung up on the idea that slowly I will build up a little list of utterly gorgeous work handmade by some excitingly talented people with a killer eye for detail and form. And function, I'm fussy! Good idea?

I will label these posts, designer/maker list, so if you were ever in need of some gift inspiration, you could click on that label and the posts will all be there, with photos of some of their hand made loveliness, and links to their websites. I have to be clear at this point, I receive absolutely nothing from anyone to do this, they are just artists I have come across in real life or via the internet and have fallen hard for their work and want to share it. Simples.

So, first to my list is Bookhou. Arounna and John, a design shop duo living in Toronto, Canada,  make the most exquisite bags, purses and home wares. Their work embodies exactly the aesthetic I love most - simple lines and shapes, often with nature inspired patterns and motifs, all designed with such care to detail and look immaculately finished.

This sort of 'immaculate simplicity,' especially with a warmth and soul to it, is so hard to achieve, but look at the quality of the zips and pull-tags, the organic but functional shapes, the subdued, inky colours and lovely materials. Restrained but striking, exactly how would love my jewellery to be described!

Love this apron, looks fab front and back. Will have to save them pennies!

They also sell a small range of ceramics, artwork and wooden pieces - all of which, to me, exude the same sense of calm and freedom, maybe because of the echoes of pebble shapes and meadows and rainfall... To look this simple and this wonderful is a kind of magic.

It is intriguing how often inanimate but handmade objects seem to exude certain moods or atmospheres or maybe it is that they create a particular emotional reaction in the viewer, and perhaps that reaction is different with each person? Bookhou's field and stone ranges are my absolute favourites and I would love to buy a bag one day soon!

They also have a lovely blog and e-magazine, so loads to browse and isn't it always lovely to see a glimpse of where all the inspiration comes from? Enjoy.


  1. thanks for the beautiful post belinda
    all the best

  2. I do love Bookhou, discovered them through Pinterest. Their pared down, elegant but functional things are right up my street!
    Hope you're having a good week xox

  3. Thanks for the introduction I love the field design bucket bag.
    You have the ability to see beauty in all things...
    from flowers to silver to housewares.

  4. When I first saw this post I thought you'd been a very dark horse and had been designing your own range of extras - that's how much this post suits your blog! I can see EXACTLY why you love these - gorgeous and understated. Lovely!


  5. I have seen their beautiful designs before and love them too.

  6. Hello Belinda

    Lovely to find your blog, sharing your love of these guys too.
    Having a quick read of blogs while sipping tea, then dog walking and work. Will pop back later for a longer browse. Loving your jewellery too.